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The Unknown Hunting for Renown

3. A hyper-fast blogging service that lets people publish photos or text on the Web in less than a minute.

4. A Web service that generates custom e-mail messages designed to cheer, delight and entertain friends, based on profiles users fill out about intended recipients.

_____Photo Essay_____
The Post's Leslie Walker sent back a photo essay from the DEMO conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. Check out views of Motorola's new iRadio, the Intellifit body measuring device and more.
_____Live Discussion_____
Transcript: DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley joined Leslie Walker for a one-hour discussion of the top trends and innovations on display at this year's conference.
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Venture Capital Checks In To Habbo Hotel (The Washington Post, Jan 27, 2005)
A Pocketful Of Promise From Verizon (The Washington Post, Jan 20, 2005)
.com Archive
_____Web Watch_____
MSN's Rebuilt Search Site Has Some Misses Among Hits (The Washington Post, Feb 13, 2005)
Web Watch Archive

5. An Internet phone service that integrates calling from cell phones and personal computers, and lets users automatically dial any phone number published online by clicking on the number.

6. Software that lets companies, groups or individuals create "writeable" Web sites, where visitors can edit pages as well as read them.

7. Software that automates travel booking online and integrates results with other desktop programs, such as calendars and spreadsheets.

8. Software for finding, organizing and sharing information online, which its creators call "a personal Web information center."

9. Software that speeds up Web searching by pre-fetching the pages in search results and letting people preview them in a special window.

10. Software that enables creation of personal Web networks, including tools for publishing and sharing blogs, photos, e-mails, instant messages and other documents.

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Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO conference, will be online with Leslie Walker at 1 p.m. today to answer your questions about the state of technology innovation. To participate, and to see a photo essay about the show, go to washingtonpost.com. Leslie Walker's e-mail address is walkerl@washpost.com.

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