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Prince George's Home Sales

MESQUITE CT., 6706-Clasica S. Locke to Clayton J. Pittman, $183,000.

MOUNT FOREST TERR., 7211-Burrel S. and Thelma L. Pinkard to Beatrice and George Osakwe, $265,000.

NIMITZ DR., 7014-Lisa D. and Robert C. Tolson to Carolyn L. Jackson, $186,500.

OAK GLEN WAY, 2545-George Empty to Rodney Lau, $220,000.

OCALA AVE., 2703-Fredricks M. Mathenge to Tonomi Marbley and John Howard, $170,000.

PINECREEK PL., 2703-Lewis D. and Lynda K. Donaldson to Lavaida and Gary Lewis, $191,300.

PUMPHREY DR., 3514-Franklin G. Senger III to Lorna D. Dutton, $139,500.

REGENCY LANE, 5723-Phyllis K. Harris to Lois McCray, $175,000.

S FOREST EDGE RD., 3510-Robert E. Paulen to Lorraine L. and Allen U. Smith, $228,000.

SENATOR AVE., 2208-Sarah M. Spruell to Lakisha D. Spriggs, $228,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2710-Joseph L. Brown to Romy D. Espino, $205,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 7124-Douglas C. and Verlie McBroom to Paul and Diane Sookar, $290,000.

AMER CT., 11708-Mark S. and Lisa J. Hall to Harminder Sabharwal, $550,000.

BERWICK CIR., 12806-Robert S. Clark Jr. to Christopher D. Yeates, $324,000.

BRIGHTWOOD CT., 3500-Eula M. and Paul E. Abraham to Ventina M. Littlepage, $275,000.

BUCKLAND CT., 6513-Judge F. and Wayne M. Allen to John E. Harlow, $149,500.

CALVIN CT., 7005-Kevin F. Washington to Darlene Langston, $286,500.

CENTENNIAL DR., 1128-Delia M. Newlin to Michael M. Green, $275,000.

CHALFONT AVE., 13302-Rondalyn S. and Earl T. Beatty to Harry C. Huff, $260,000.

CLEVELAND LANE, 13304-Rodney A. Fox to Rosa V. Vigil Rodriguez, $245,000.

LANCELOT RD., 9205-Janice E. Jackson to Lynn Bigelow, $290,000.

LANHAM LANE, 7503-Franklin A. and Jessie W. Jordan to Ella M. and James Patterson, $259,950.

OLD FORT RD., 11534-John N. Harrison to Carlos R. Hall, $220,000.

OLD FORT RD., 12120-Geraldine L. Nichols to Ceasar and Andrew Hay, $122,000.

PALMER RD., 1216, No. 119-James R. Ross and Arlene E. Roane to Hyder H. Houston, $159,000.

PENDLETON ST., 13506-Mary A. and Kenneth J. Ritchey to Ronald L. Smith, $349,900.

RUSLAND CT., 8927-Hattie M. Richardson to Shawna R. Jacobs, $140,000.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6600, No. 7102-Rhoderick V. Balot to Richard G. Ametin, $104,100.

SANDY CREEK RD., 9211-Littie M. and William I. Hooker to Christine M. Brown, $360,000.

STIRLING ST., 6900-Bernita M. Faulkner to Robin B. Wise and Carlton J. Belton, $200,000.

TANTALLON DR. E., 301-Ephriam Wolfolk Jr. to Roy and Rhonda Miller, $285,000.

TAYLOR AVE., 1820-Debbie L. Cleomons to Valerie Bell, $220,000.

TROWBRIDGE PL., 6807-Miriam F. Amerau, trustee, to Joyce A. Colbert, $245,000.

Glenn Dale Area

LEGEND MANOR LANE, 10914-Bonnynet M. and Jonathan L. Johnson to Harold Brinkley, $539,000.

MARTIN AVE., 9914-William F. Greene to Vernell and Eduardo G. Stultz, $330,000.

RANSOM DR., 12505-Raymond J. Jr. and Kathryn A. Ball to Stanley and Elizabeth Abney, $445,000.

WINGATE DR., 7715-Kimberly R. Megginson to Jerry Yates, $430,000.

Greenbelt Area

CLOISTER PL., 7808-Elizabeth and Hillario H. Almeida to Cynthia R. Mabry, $280,000.

EMILYS WAY, 7841-Mallikarjuna R. Polam to Anne C. Sadler, $273,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8467-Daisy A. Beckford to Michelle and Michael Covili, $125,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8677, No. 201-Lorna Chatmon to Taneeka Jones, $85,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7828, No. 460-Michael Gaines to Joann P. Myles, $114,995.

HANOVER PKWY., 6982, No. 303-Carol L. Kossuth to Madhur and Sanjay Khanna, $112,200.

SUNRISE CT., 7337-Daniel O. Bentil to Pratima and Shankar R. Shrestha, $275,000.

TAMARISK CT., 100-Colin D. and Shawn P. Brady Magee to Linda and Mark Campbell, $306,000.

Hyattsville Area

DECATUR ST., 5007-Donna L. and Lawrence J. Hazley Sr. to Jose and Maria Bonilla, $269,500.

EMERSON ST., 4509-Mahvash Zulfaghary to Francisco M. Garcia, $170,000.

MADISON ST., 4101-Katherine A. Mulligan to Peter A. Veigas and Kara Peters, $235,000.

OLIVER ST., 4304-Elton L. and Joyce M. Fitzgerald to Raquel and Luis Fabian, $250,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 4317-Paul H. Hamlin Jr. to Ellen K. and Mark D. Goldman, $578,000.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9205, No. A-3-William T. Woods to Anderson Rawlings Jr., $60,000.

Lanham Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 9342-Yellow Spring Corp. to Real Estate Surveyors Corp., $140,000.

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8708-Gerald M. McCoy to Rosemary Mzira and William Commodore, $185,000.

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8905-Samuel A. and Azeb G. Hadera Semegn to Gracy and Irudaya Premraj, $496,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 6713-Caroline W. O'Brien to Loretta N. and Victor E. Dungor, $276,000.

CIPRIANO SPRINGS DR., 7205-Ajay K.N. Mehta to Wendy R. Boyer, $138,900.

ELLARD DR., 10020-Rita Y. and William F. Archer to Lafayette Crosland, $500,999.

VANESSA DR., 6719-Keettupurath N. Swaminathan to Rafael Osorio Guzman, $335,000.

WOODBERRY ST., 9712-Jagjivan M. Mistry to Vicki A. and Joel H. Freedenberg, $260,000.

97TH AVE., 7010-Tolly G. Campbell to Yvonne E. Parker, $245,000.

Largo Area

CAMPUS WAY S., 10517-Carleen B. Townsend to Susan R. and Brian C. Genco, $222,500.

CAROLINA CT., 1500-Brian A. and Tina M. Johnson to Kenneth and Ursula Allen, $370,000.

DIXIE BOWIE WAY, 1205-Nnamdi G. Ikegwu to Marlene Poole, $295,000.

DUNLORING CT., 903-Alveta C. Edwards to Michael Beverly, $180,000.

DUNLORING CT., 936-Timi L.H. and Stephan P. Ford to Clifton Oliphant, $245,500.

EAST GROVE, 8810-Victoria Williams to Dana F. Kline, $168,000.

ETNA DR., 407-Renee D. and Rodney T. Johnson to Chinwendu Eke, $293,800.

MALLARD CT., 1704-Gloria and April Snyder to Adeniyi Ibikunle, $530,000.

MERGANSER CT., 1010-Richard G. Sr. and Keenya L. Brown to Donnamarie and Michael Chambers, $400,500.

TATUM CT., 10701-Darrell Allen to Michael P. Wilson, $250,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7661-Wayne M. Richter to Anne Kizmann and Julie Downes, $140,000.

ARBORY CT. E., 7660-Maureen B. and Ronald C. Roloff to Ricky D. Russell, $172,500.

ARBORY LANE S., 7629-Holly C. and Jeffrey D. Marsh to Theophine T. Nwosu, $200,000.

ARBORY WAY, 15311-Lakeesha S. and Daniel O. Matthews to Leroy Jones Jr., $178,000.

ARBORY WAY, 15417-Howard E. Tucker Jr. to Annette Quigley, $161,990.

ARBORY WAY N., 7604-Mary A. and Theodore Greene to Shelley Nurse, $186,000.

ASHFORD BLVD., 8106-Raymond U. Ezeadiugwu to Kevin Bussie, $270,000.

ASHFORD PL., 14902-Natalia Doricent to Martha Reyes and Vicente B. Zavala, $250,000.

BONNETT LANE, 14323-Jeffrey A. Wilson to Willie W. Evans and Annie Mack Evans, $242,500.

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