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The Ratings Code

By The Dining Guide
Sunday, October 17, 2004; Page W18

* (1 star) Satisfactory

Restaurants that are useful to know about if you are nearby; they may have only a few dishes or a single quality, such as a view or scene, to distinguish them.

** (2 stars) Good

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Restaurants with generally appealing cooking, service and settings; they tend to be worth driving across town for.

*** (3 stars) Excellent

Rewarding destinations, no matter where you're coming from; they typically blend high-quality cooking with environs and service to match.

**** (4 stars) Superlative

An unsurpassed experience; these restaurants do what they do extraordinarily well.

Ratings are based primarily on food quality but take into account service and ambience. Restaurants that earn no stars are rated Poor.

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