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Japanese Flowering Cherry (variety Snow Goose)

Thursday, April 21, 2005; Page GZ48

Japanese Flowering Cherry (variety Snow Goose)

• Botanic name:Prunus "Snow Goose."

• Flowers: Single, white in spring.

• Size: To 20 feet.

• Form: Upright but spreading with age.

• Needs: Full sun to partial shade. Prefers a moist soil, especially in periods of drought, but not wet soil. Before planting, enrich its bed with organic matter.

• Comments: Similar to the Yoshino cherry in its fantastic display of blossoms on bare stems, but not as big or common. Most of all, it is an alternative to the trite weeping Japanese cherry, a variety of one species that is grafted high on the stalk of another to produce what has been described as a "beach umbrella."

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