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Prince George's Home Sales

NEMO CT., 2604-Ellen Valentino to Michael Thomas, $169,000.

NORTH PLATTE CT., 15418-Olivia H. Akorli to Terri T. Troutman, $170,000.

PEACH WALKER DR., 15902-Brent A. and Dina C. Mosley to Bernadette and Reginald Miller, $260,000.

PENN MANOR LANE, 16107-David F. Woodyard to Patience A. Deynu Fugar, $248,500.

PENTERRA WAY, 16208-Calvin P. Mason to Leica J. Litman, $260,000.

PORSCHE CT., 15502-Wendy and Francis Buckingham to Sylvia Kiser, $210,000.

RAMSGATE LANE, 4703-Charles R. and Mary K. Hart to Corinna and Brenda J. Black, $132,075.

RIDGELINE TER., 4738, No. 262-Tonya Fisher to Sheryl Y. Cooper, $170,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4529-David L. Warr to Monday Miles, $172,552.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4641-Tonya Y. and Norman M. Anderson to Esther M. Carter, $185,000.

SHADOW LANE, 12305-Frederick W. Barnes to Christianah and Michael O. Omotoso, $249,900.

STEEPLECHASE DR., 13510-C. and Joseph C. Magdelinskas to Lance F. Kennedy, $297,600.

TOWANDA LANE, 12012-Sara H. and Austin H. Henry to Alma and Suad Miljkovic, $195,000.

TWIG LANE, 3117-Samuel K. Adofo to Cesar E. Hernandez, $484,500.

Brandywine Area

TIMOTHY RD., 8507-Ralph T. Violett to Mohammad Dashtizadeh, $125,000.

Brentwood Area

BANNER ST., 4537-James C. Smith to Patricia Ndubue and Innocent E. Otugo, $30,000.

LAWRENCE ST., 4003-Mary J. and Dewey C. Long to Venustiano Placido, $130,000.

PARKWOOD ST., 3705-Catherine M. Robinson to Carmelita and Robert Molnar, $160,000.

37TH PL., 3900-Carlos E. and Elina G. Funez to Mario H. Escalant and Jose A. Menocal, $165,000.

40TH PL., 3315-Edward F. Jr. and Annette Williams to Thomas S. and Gina L. Martin Sr., $90,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ALABASTER CT., 856-Mariana L. News and Damien Sailes to Christine Ellis, $172,000.

CLINGLOG ST., 6707-Mohammad N. Moghaddam to Sherida L. Wright, $110,000.

DENT ST., 3808-Bobie Goode to Sharon A. Emanuel K. Hall Verrett, $153,000.

JAMES FARMER WAY, 6708-Cheryl R. and Stuart J. Feldsott to Carl Sirju, $115,000.

58TH AVE., 1008-Sarah and George W. Kirksey to Zayed Tasew, $60,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2112-Geraldine and Willie Theratt to Antonio Patino, $133,000.

COUNTRYWOOD CT., 1708-Kathy D. and John D. Smith to Jeanette McCune, $146,000.

MATTHEW HENSON AVE., 2300-William R. Boone to Floyd C. Patterson III, $92,800.

MUNCY RD., 7624-Loretha B. Dingle to David P. Moore, $93,500.

TUEMMLER AVE., 2210-Deborah A. Ford to Josette J. Bailey, $99,000.

Clinton Area

BARNWOOD DR., 6403-Benjamin R.J. and Leslie A. Longwood to Angie W. Day, $285,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5503-Lucille B. and S. Cozette Holt to Shaye L. Nelson, $195,500.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5858-Teressa A. Green to Tamil N. and Omega T. Armah, $202,500.

BONIWOOD TURN W., 5314-Cathaleen D. and Joseph R. Moore to Jacqueline B. Thibodeaux, $213,000.

COSCA PARK PL., 11550-Janice M. Dyson Ceasar to Delrese M. Germany, $177,000.

GARDEN DR., 5705-Lawrence V. Hill Jr. to William Hamm, $188,000.

GOLDFIELD PL., 8909-Cheryl D. Mills to Brian A. Mills, $170,000.

LAREN LANE, 10505-Barbara L. and Gerald E. Goldsmith to Israel James, $197,500.

SADDLEBOW CT., 6903-Brent Ellis to Sharon J. and Thomas J. Simmons, $306,000.

SIMPSON LANE, 9109-Jacquelyn V. Crawford Harris to John W. Myers, $149,900.

College Park Area

BERWYN RD., 4803-Daniel L. Thessen to Mahin and Flor Khosravan, $230,000.

NARRAGANSETT PKWY., 9743-Bruce K. and Jody M. Keller to Elise M. Edwards, $200,000.

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