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Bruschi Hospitalized After Having Mild Stroke

Friday, February 18, 2005; Page D02

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi remained hospitalized yesterday after suffering a mild stroke Wednesday, the team confirmed. But Bruschi's condition was improving and he could be released from the hospital as soon as today, according to the Patriots.

"It has been determined that these symptoms were the results of a mild stroke," Patriots spokesman Stacey James said. "Tedy is in good condition and, as always, his spirits are high. He is walking and talking normally and stressed that he would like to thank everyone for keeping him and his family in their thoughts and prayers."

The Boston Herald reports that Tedy Bruschi may have suffered a mild stroke but his condition is improving and a full recovery is possible. (Stephan Savoia - AP)

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Bruschi, 31, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital on Wednesday by ambulance. He was complaining of headaches and reportedly was suffering from blurred vision and partial paralysis.

But his vision reportedly is improving and the paralysis was only temporary. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was among those who visited Bruschi in the hospital.

Bruschi has been an integral part of the Patriots' defense while the club has won three of the past four Super Bowl titles. He played in his first Pro Bowl last Sunday in Hawaii after helping the Patriots defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl a week before in Jacksonville, Fla. He returned to Boston between the two games to participate in the Patriots' victory celebration.

-- Mark Maske

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