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... Driven Through Snickersville

Sunday, July 7, 2002; Page C02

. . .taken a Sunday drive to Snickersville. Winding 15 miles under a canopy of arched trees, past red barns and thoroughbreds, sloping down hills and crossing over thin streams, this old, narrow road boasts one of the most charming atmospheres of Northern Virginia. It's a rural time warp lined with 18th-century stone fences and views of smoky blue hills in the distance. And if you want a break along the way, stop in at the Philomont General Store.

The Snickersville Turnpike stretches about 14 miles from Aldie to Bluemont in Loudoun County. From the Capital Beltway, take Interstate 66 west to Route 50 and continue west to Aldie. The turnoff to Snickersville Pike is on the right, on the way out of town.

Homes line the Snickersville Pike in Loudoun County, VA (Tracy A Woodward - The Washington Post)

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