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Friday, October 15, 2004; Page A17

More than 120 channels are available to most satellite-television viewers in the Middle East. Alhurra barely registered as a primary source of news; 2.3 percent said it was a second source.

Top Six International News Channels Watched by Arab Viewers*

Imad Musa and Dalia Al-Aqidi go over plans for an Alhurra evening newscast. U.S. government-funded Alhurra has stiff competition. (Rich Lipski -- The Washington Post)

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U.S.-Financed News Channel Asserts Independence (The Washington Post, Oct 15, 2004)

1. Al-Jazeera, Qatar (51.7 percent)

2. Al-Arabiya, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (8.4 percent)

3. Abu Dhabi TV, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (7.6 percent)

4. CNN, Atlanta (6.4 percent)**

5. MBC, London (5.3 percent)

6. Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., Beirut (4.6 percent)

*Surveys conflict on the popularity of each channel, although al-Jazeera generally ranks atop any list. These are the results of a May 2004 survey of 3,400 people in the Middle East, conducted by Zogby International, a Utica, N.Y., polling company, and commissioned by the University of Maryland, asking viewers what channel was their primary source of news. It is frequently cited because it did not use statistics provided by the channels.

**All except CNN are Arabic-language stations.

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