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Eastern Shore Rampage Leaves 2 Dead, 4 Wounded

Heading south in the stolen car, authorities said, Norman arrived in Delmar, which straddles the Delaware-Maryland line.

He passed a trash truck on the Maryland side of Delmar and allegedly fired a shot at the driver. The bullet missed its apparent target, police said, but struck the wall of a house, just above a young girl sleeping on a sofa.

At Carvel Gardens apartments in Laurel, Del., Matilda Smith and granddaughter Nyja Winder, 9, watch police investigators at the scene of the fatal shooting of Jamell Weston, one of two people killed in the rampage. (Robert A. Reeder -- The Washington Post)

Police said Norman then drove into the west side of Salisbury, where he fired at vehicles, including a car driven by a woman in front of West Salisbury Elementary School. The bullet knocked a sandwich out of the hand of one of the car's occupants, the law enforcement source and a second official said.

Another driver, Marsha Henderson of Salisbury, was hit. She was treated at a hospital and released.

Maryland State Police said Norman continued south, shooting into homes as he drove. At one point, they said, he stepped from the car and shot two pit bulls.

Witnesses told police Norman then jumped into the SUV, a Chevrolet Suburban driven by Davondale M. Peters, 28. They argued as they drove, police said, and Norman shot Peters fatally before fleeing on foot.

Police said Norman walked down the street until he emptied his last clip into a white van, badly wounding the driver, Carla Green, 33, but missing her daughter. Green is in critical condition.

Finally, police said, Norman broke into a townhouse and terrorized its elderly residents. He was captured after leaving that house.

By yesterday evening, Maryland police had found at least 11 distinct crime scenes -- where houses, cars and other objects were struck by Norman's bullets, the second official said.

Investigators were looking into the events of Wednesday night to learn what might have triggered the rampage.

Both law enforcement sources said Norman had fought with his girlfriend Wednesday night. The girlfriend called her mother, the first law enforcement source said, and the mother dispatched her boyfriend to confront Norman. The mother's boyfriend is believed to have struck Norman, but the source cautioned that investigators were still trying to figure out what happened. The source said the girlfriend was not cooperating with investigators.

Court records and other sources indicate that Norman has had previous encounters with violence and the law. In October, Norman was shot twice, in the leg and in the hip, outside a convenience store in Delmar, according to a report in the Daily Times of Salisbury.

And on Wednesday, Norman failed to appear in Wicomico County Circuit Court, where he was due to answer handgun charges. A judge issued a $10,000 bench warrant for his arrest, Court Clerk Mark S. Bowen said.

Late yesterday, residents of the small towns in the gunman's path could talk of little else.

"People are just totally shocked," said Rene Burton, an employee at Ponzetti's Pizza and Subs in Salisbury, not far from the capture.

"I've only lived down here a year and a half, I moved here from Boston. One of the things I love about here is how you don't have to lock your door."

Staff writers Del Quentin Wilber and Allison Klein, staff photographer Robert A. Reeder and staff researcher Bobbye Pratt contributed to this report.

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