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Thursday, April 21, 2005; Page SM90

_____About This Feature_____
Figuring out what is going on in your schools is not always easy. The accounts children bring home, though colorful, may not be entirely accurate. Notes sent home get lost. Neighborhood chatter is unreliable.

To help, Post staff writer Jay Mathews, who has been covering schools for 22 years, will answer a reader question each week -- or maybe two or three if they are easy ones.

Please send your questions -- along with your name, e-mail or postal address and telephone number -- to Extra Credit, The Washingtom Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. Or send e-mail to extracredit@washpost.com.

_____Extra Credit_____
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Even Top Schools Can Fall Short Under 'No Child Left Behind' (The Washington Post, Apr 14, 2005)
Deadline Nears for Some to Drop Grades From Middle School (The Washington Post, Apr 7, 2005)
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