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Starting Points: Sources on Relief

Tuesday, March 15, 2005; Page HE04

People seeking information or support related to chronic pain in children may find some of the following resources helpful.


• "Conquering Your Child's Chronic Pain: A Pediatrician's Guide for Reclaiming a Normal Childhood," by Lonnie Zeltzer and Christina Blackett Schlank (HarperResource, 2005). Zeltzer is a pain specialist at UCLA. This book -- one of the few for laypeople on chronic pain in children -- includes contact information for pediatric pain centers in the United States and around the world.

• "Young People and Chronic Illness: True Stories, Help and Hope," by Kelly Huegel (Free Spirit Publishing, 1998). A book for teens and preteens. While not specific to chronic pain, it covers a lot of the relevant issues -- how to talk to friends; how to deal with parents and doctors, etc.

Online Resources

• American Pain Foundation. The Baltimore-based nonprofit advocacy group works to advance pain research, treatment and education. Its Web site includes dozens of links related pain in children. www.painfoundation.org, 888-615-PAIN (7246) or 410-783-7292.

• American Pain Society. While this professional group gears its information primarily to doctors and caregivers, some material is also helpful for the general public. Information includes how doctors should assess children with chronic pain and how pain in children should be treated. www.ampainsoc.org (pediatric info is at www.ampainsoc.org/advocacy/pediatric.htm), 847-375-4715.

• The American Council for Headache Education. This nonprofit offers information for children and families about pediatric headaches at www.achenet.org/kids/. 856-423-0258.

• Cancer Pain Management in Children, www.childcancerpain.org/. This site, sponsored by the Texas Cancer Council and Texas Children's Hospital, is geared to professionals treating cancer pain in children, but is also suitable for parents and older children.

Support Group

• Growing Pains: Teen Discussion/Support Group. This support group for teens is sponsored by the American Chronic Pain Association. www.theacpa.org, 800-533-3231.

-- Jennifer Couzin

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