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'L.A. Angels' Irks Anaheim

Tuesday, November 9, 2004; Page D03

The city of Anaheim will resist any attempt by the Angels to change their name to the Los Angeles Angels.

The franchise began play as the Los Angeles Angels in 1961, became the California Angels when it moved to Anaheim in 1966 and has been the Anaheim Angels since 1997, after the team negotiated a 30-year lease with Anaheim.

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On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times quoted an unidentified high-ranking baseball official as saying Commissioner Bud Selig has given permission to Angels owner Arte Moreno to rename the team.

PADRES, ROYALS SWAP: The Padres traded one of their outfielders, Terrence Long, to the Royals for LHP Darrell May and RHP Ryan Bukvich. Kansas City also obtained RHP Dennis Tankersley in the deal.

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