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Montgomery Home Sales

QUIET STREAM CT., 8802-Janice Z. Olsen to Irene H. and Garry Didinsky, $720,000.

REGENCY DR., 11611-Ernest E. and Y.A. Wiles to Olcay Y. and Joe M. Jones, $590,000.

SMOKETREE RD., 11825-Dolores B. Kosiarek to Melanija Tomic, $560,000.

SPRINKLEWOOD LANE, 9309-Samuel and G.L. Broder to Viraf R. and Pareezad Bankwalla, $902,300.

STABLE LANE, 10404-Jay E. and E.R. Lieberman to Ann M. and Frank T. Shull IV, $1.795 million.

Rockville Area

ANTIGUA TERR., 10844, No. 78-Amy Rosenberg to Chitra Ghafari, $396,500.

AZALEA DR., 772, No. B1-Abdol V. Khakbaz to Jill M. and Eric D. Swenson, $299,999.

BARBADOS PL., 5909, No. 46-Faiza and Salim Benouniche to Eilis M. Murphy, $365,000.

BARBADOS PL., 5911, No. 40-Marcia Frank to Stephanie K. and Christopher Bunt, $361,000.

BAYLOR AVE., 1533-H.L. and D.C. Gregoire to Frances A. and Jose H. Guerrier, $485,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12301, No. 379-Wai M. Cheung to Eun Ju Seo, $182,000.

BURGUNDY CT., 4-Gerald K. and M.J. Minton to Miriam A. and Jose J. Brioso, $264,900.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5705, No. 1806-Itamar Simhony to Francisco Ruscalleda, $330,000.

CIRCLE DR., 12809-Anne V. Hamburger, trustee, to Lori Kay Peters and Sameh Ramsis Elias, $985,297.

CROFTON HILL LANE, 107-Albert J. Kassis to Norma and Jack Kassis, $559,000.

DUNDEE RD., 2014-Johannah G. Blaszkiewicz to Nandini and Ram Nagendran, $443,000.

FEATHER ROCK PL., 7-Nassir T. Azhdam to Rena Lynne and Jose Strauss, $617,000.

GAYNOR RD., 12116-Helen Santiago to Erik L. Adorian, $379,500.

GOLF LANE, 5501-Leonard F. Cipriano, trustee, to Ann M. and John L. Boland, $1.025 million.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5820, No. 705-Ali V. Zanjani to Andrew C. and Julie S. Steenberge, $367,510.

KINGS RIDING WAY, 10716, No. T3-Suzanne M. Kasunic to Jeremy Burch, $235,000.

LINCOLN ST., 620-Margaret A. Hart to Craig T. Martin, $267,000.

MCLANE CT., 408-Hegel Encarnacion to Humberto Olivero, $290,000.

MONROE ST., 118, No. 1310-Kristina E. Lee to Raymond D. Watts, $278,000.

NORTHRUP DR., 2611-D.M. and Ronald J. Klein to Donna M. Klein, $157,500.

OLD CLUB CT., 9-Walter N. Johns to Joan T. Butler and Elliot Breslau, $785,000.

OLD DROVERS WAY, 11811-Dennis McCurdy, trustee, to Molly and Christian Pedersen, $285,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 7216-William R. and Antoinette Karlin to Michele and Josh Wisniewski, $665,000.

OLDEN RD., 4609-Carol A. Ochs to Heather Marie York Null and Andrew F. Null, $350,000.

OWENS ST., 714-C.M. Caulfield to Adrienne C. and Peter G. Morrow, $439,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 1609-Maryam and Mohammad Khansari to Luciana Laguinge, $176,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 415-Sam S. Kim to Tatiana Schepeler, $202,500.

SHAGBARK DR., 12004-Shawn K. and N.M. Pastor to Kristin N. Lee and Benn Tannebaum, $481,000.

TALBOTT ST., 170, No. T5-Daniel Fahey to Jinzhi Li and Zhenggguang Chen, $170,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10012, No. 10-Yun S. Pai to Dmitriy and Yelena Goryachev, $312,000.

WINDING ROSE DR., 548-Sandy Chang to Mrugesh D. Majmudar, $510,000.

Silver Spring Area

COLSTON DR., 2406-Mary D. Dickinson to Brigitte Saviskas Nielsen, $169,000.

CRESTMOOR DR., 10318-David W. and Katherine B. Munno to Lauren M. and Joseph O. Quinn, $492,000.

EASTMOOR DR., 113-Virginia B. Pereira to Michelle K. and Donald J. Bruns, $385,000.

GLEN ROSS RD., 2022-Freida Sperling to Barbara J. Lerch, $453,500.

HANOVER ST., 2005-Thelma I. Southworth, trustee, to Sarah J. and Eric C. Kerchner, $322,000.

LEIGHTON AVE., 409-Brian L. and M.J.C. Heard to Farah Z. Qureshi and Miriam R. Vishio, $400,000.

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