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Heinz Kerry Has Retort for Bush Fans

Tuesday, August 3, 2004; Page A03

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 2 -- A week ago she told a writer from a Pittsburgh newspaper to "shove it," and on Monday night the never-bashful Teresa Heinz Kerry offered up another attention-getting line, saying four more years of the Bush presidency would be "hell" for the country.

Heinz Kerry was introducing her husband, John F. Kerry, at a huge outdoor rally here when a group of Bush supporters, armed with a megaphone, started chanting from a distance, "Four more years! Four more years!"

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Without hesitating, Heinz Kerry responded, "They want four more years of hell."

The candidate threw back his head with a laugh, and the partisan, pro-Kerry crowd roared its approval, chanting, "Three more months, three more months," with Heinz Kerry joining in. When it was his turn to speak, Kerry said of his wife, "She speaks her mind, and she speaks the truth -- and she's pretty quick on her feet, too."

-- Dan Balz

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