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Do Some Teens Have a Driving Need to Get a License?

What do you think, and how would one go about making such a change?

Lisa Lintelman


A parent in Rockville has taken up this cause and is selling similar signs for $9.95. They read: "NEW DRIVER, Please Be Patient." Call 301-468-2342 or e-mail newdriversigns@aol.com. The contact person is Jackie Kurtz.

That kind of decal is something our motor vehicle departments ought to give away or sell.

A Recommended Read

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

In a past column, you were asked to recommend a good book for driving training. I was just given a copy of "Safe Young Drivers: A Guide for Parents and Teens" by Phil Berardelli, and it looks like a terrific resource.

You can check it out at www.SafeYoungDrivers.com or by calling 800-289-2339.

Marfe Ferguson Delano


Several readers have recommended that book.

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Any suggestions concerning advanced driver training schools for teens? A course that teaches crash avoidance, pulling out of a spin, etc.?

Larry Harper

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