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YOU MISUSED the term "Gaelic" to refer to the language in which Western Ireland road signs will now be printed. The language of Ireland is Irish. The term Gaelic is more appropriately used to refer to cultural things, like festivals, people and items (but not the language). I worked for four years with Dubliners, who corrected me often about this.

Eric Hill


Kids in Copan

WHILE I have also found Copan to be a fascinating and pleasant place to visit, your article was a bit too concerned about zealotry at home and a bit too cavalier about risks abroad ["As Easy as A, B, Si," March 27].

Anyone considering a trip to Central America -- especially with children -- should be cautioned that the region's support infrastructure in the event of accident, disease or crime is woefully inadequate.

Yes, you can have a nice stay, but if something goes wrong the situation can become very bad very quickly.

John Meakem


Q&A & You

BEFORE CHOOSING one of "the smaller, more personalized vessels" to see the Great Barrier Reef, an option listed in the March 27 Travel Q&A, readers should consider their experience with scuba or snorkeling, as well as their comfort level swimming in open ocean. At least some of the "city-size catamarans" provide a means of viewing the reef without climbing into the water.

On a recent Overseas Adventure Travel tour, our group of 10 was not given that option. We were taken out on a small but comfortable vessel from Port Douglas. The crew could not have been friendlier, more accommodating or safety-conscious. Nonetheless, three of our group (and the OAT guide) would not enter the water at all. Two bravely went in but were helped out in a matter of minutes, while two others had mask problems that resulted in a marginal experience.

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