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Iraq Turns Hot for Three of Chalabi's U.S. Aides

Marital status: "Married to one woman my whole life, Alex. We were married, divorced, and remarried in 1977." Their son, Tommy,

is 16.

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Childhood pets: Dogs named Missy and Peggy, "but neither of those compares in terms of the intensity of my feelings for Brigid, a German short-haired pointer I have now."

Favorite quote: "My father, Herb, said, 'If a thing cannot go on forever, it will stop.' "

Personal Reagan memory: "When I wrote columns praising him for King Features Syndicate, he would call up and thank me. It was incredibly nice of him. I also loved that he denied that he dyed his hair even though it was obvious he did. He had a wonderful gift of blarney."

Nobody knows I: Joined Alcoholics Anonymous. "Not for alcohol, but for help in overeating. I've always been a huge fan of food. I was out in Malibu and there was one meeting a week of Overeaters Anonymous, but I wanted to go to a meeting every day, and the only one nearby was AA. I loved it and a lot of it was tremendously useful to me. But I still eat too much."

Most humbling moment: "I worked for Richard Nixon, and the day he resigned, I identified so thoroughly with him that I laid low for a year. I was working productively but I was very sad. I worked briefly at the White House for Gerald Ford and was fired in a terse phone call from Mr. Rumsfeld, which left me feeling that he's not my most favorite person, and then I went to the Wall Street Journal -- which was a very successful column-writing experience for me."

Celebrity I most resemble (besides Ben Stein): "That guy in 'American Pie,' Eugene Levy, who played the father. My son is always saying I should get those parts."

Most notable characteristic: "My large nose. And I'm extremely generous to my friends who are in need -- to the point where it's dangerous to my own financial well-being."

When I'm good I'm very good; when I'm bad: "I'm a tremendous flirt. I used to be a tremendous flirt with girls and now I'm a tremendous flirt with dogs. If I see one walking down the street, I'll pull over and flirt with the dog."

Adult entertainment name (childhood pet plus street name): Missy Harvey.


• A congressman's effort to ride Madonna's coattails (or maybe her leather underwear) into her concert Monday at MCI Center has backfired, resulting in a flurry of legal demands from the star.

A fundraising invite, asking fans to "Come Take a 'Holiday' with Rep. Lee Terry and Madonna" at the venue, included a picture of the Material Mom and some of her lyrics. Her attorney, Charles B. Ortner, fired off a letter Thursday asking the Nebraska Republican to cease and desist.

Madonna "is deeply offended by these obviously willful violations of her rights and the attempt to deceive the public into believing that she has endorsed [Terry's] reelection," the letter states.

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