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Iraq Turns Hot for Three of Chalabi's U.S. Aides

Terry intended to sell concert tickets to contributors for $1,500 apiece or $2,500 per couple, according to the Omaha World-Herald. He has canceled plans to attend the concert but will still host a dinner for contributors, his campaign said.

The paper quoted Terry as saying, "I like live music, and I admit it, I like Madonna." (Don't we all?)

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• And in another rock-related policy development, Bruce Springsteen is using his Web site to circulate Al Gore's strident criticisms of George Bush.

The Boss tells fans: "A few weeks ago at N.Y.U., Al Gore gave one of the most important speeches I've heard in a long time. . . . It's my pleasure to reprint it here for my fans." Through a rep, Springsteen declined our requests for further comment.

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• "As we have found in recent days, former President Ronald Reagan was not only well respected for his diplomacy and foreign policy. He was respected as a gentleman: a suave, well-spoken gentleman, who knew exactly what to say at any given moment. . . . Speaking in public and social situations has always topped the list of America's fears. . . . Don Gabor can help.

"Gabor, author of 'How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends' and 'How to Talk to People You Love,' is the premier expert to help Americans with their most commonly made mistakes in conversation . . ."

With Anne Schroeder

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