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TECHWORKING: CollabraSpace

Monday, December 6, 2004; Page E05

CollabraSpace plans to hire about 15 people in the next three months. Ray Schwemmer, president and chief executive, and Shawn Davis, chief operating officer, talked with The Post's Andrea Caumont.

What does

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your company do?

Schwemmer: We offer collaboration products, and we also have some development platforms that we use to provide additional personalized capabilities for our users. We also offer professional consulting services. By combining those three things, we provide an entire solution to our customers. Our product is a suite of collaborative products. We've broken collaboration up into its component pieces, and you can pick the ones you like. You could have a white board, audio-video conferencing, all those unique capabilities. It's all browser-based.

What do you think your employees would say were the best reasons for working at your company?

Schwemmer: I think it's a combination of the workplace environment that we offer and the technology we use. We're very flexible with our employees, and we offer the latest technologies. One of the things that we do that's unique is, we have services work in addition to product work. We've found employees like to split their time between working with customers and working with products. We also have an extensive benefits package.

Who owns your company?

Schwemmer: We're a privately held, employee-owned company.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

Schwemmer: Now we're in a huge growth mode. We were founded in 1997 and have been profitable every year and continued to grow.

Davis: We have a very strong cash position and long-term contracts, many of them with the government. Our outlook in the future is definitely an aggressive growth market, with strong stability now.

What are the demographics of your company?

A company spokesman: The 24-person company is 37 percent female and 16 percent minority. The senior management team is composed of three males and no minorities.

What positions do you have available and what level of expertise do you want?

Davis: Immediately, we're looking for six software developers with one to three years of software development experience on the Java/J2EE platform, and two senior software developers with eight to ten years of experience on the J2EE platform. Over the next two to three months, we're looking to hire three more software developers, two technical architects with 10 to 15 years of experience in the software development life cycle and five years of experience as technical lead in large-scale J2EE/EJB solutions, and two project leaders with eight to 10 years of leadership experience in the software development process for enterprise applications.

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