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More Voices: Guardian Angels

Autumn Hanscom, Washington, D.C.

Why not believe in guardian angels? Add it to our lists of myths. We have Leprechauns, Easter Bunnies, Ghosts, Witches, Gnomes, Elves and Santa Clause. All a figment of someone's imagination that has kept growing with the population. Whatever good the myths have done is because we have kept the faith.

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Now we wear a guardian angel emblem on our shoulder to help us through all difficulties. My angels are my mother, father and first husband and it has worked for me. You first have to keep the faith!

Veronica Ortolani, Alexandria, Va.

I am a true believer. Since my grandmother's death in 1995, I have had a special feeling that "someone" is there for me. No matter what the problem or situation, I can always just ask for their help and I will see a miracle manifest itself right before my eyes. My life has been changed as a result of believing. Since I know I am surrounded by angels, my life has taken on a magic of its own and for that I am truly grateful to my angels! (Especially Arema — my personal angel)

Stephanie Edwards, Upper Marlboro, Md.

Yes, I believe in guardian angels.

Guardian angels are like shadows that God has entrusted to watch over our souls. They're those "voices" that give insights into the fateful decisions that we make during our lifetime. And the angels are there for those "near misses" when dangers are somehow avoided, as we say, "only by the grace of God."

How can I be so sure about angels? Well, my Mom often told me that when the sky is red before sunset, it means the angels in heaven are baking bread. So angels exist. My Mom wouldn't lie.

Joseph Snyder, Alexandria, Va.

Loneliness haunted me that day at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I plodded into the street dividing the four psychological operations battalions' orderly rooms from No Name Field. A melodious voice called me back to the curb. When I returned to the empty sidewalk, a sedan bulleted past. My startled reflection ghosted across its passenger side windows. Eager to thank my savior, I raced from orderly room to orderly room. But no one waited in them, except solitary postal clerks. Each said he had neither seen nor heard anybody else. So, yes, I believe in guardian angels.

Lawrence P. McGuire, Waldorf, Md.

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