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Fairfax Home Sales

CASTLEFORD CT., 14541-Timothy E. and Karen Walker to Nielson Wright, $279,900.

CHELSEY PL., 14505-Phillip A. Rivera Silva to Stephen L. and Susan R. Breedwell, $319,900.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14312-Keith G. Hamilton to Denise Lyn Wright, $192,400.

COLEMAN CT., 13841-Ibraheem and Asma Naman to Philip C. Swainson, $360,000.

CREEKSTONE LANE, 6008-Sean J. Martin to Jacqueline D. Yearby Wade, $315,000.

DEER HILL CT., 6050-John D. Fuentes and Faith A. Stack to Foyzur Rahman and Gulshan Ferdous, $260,000.

EDDY CT., 14500-Douglas W. Taphouse to Susanne Gaon, $358,000.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14525-Myron D. and Jocelyn E. Euille to Thomas R. Bryant, $300,000.

GRANVILLE LANE, 14556-Mark A. and Bethany Harris to Jae Mun Kim and Joo Hyun Lee, $345,000.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14710-Tamara L. Alexander to Juan Carlos Gonzales, $266,000.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14715-Patrick Hartigan to Jose and Jacqueline Valle, $259,900.

GUNNERS PL., 13970-Din G. Nguyen to Robert Heatherly, $308,500.

HIDDEN CANYON RD., 6322-Kyung H. and Joanne G. Ko to Hee Kyung Yun, $591,000.

HOSKINS HOLLOW CIR., 6112, No. B-Sheri S. Getch to Norma L. Nunez, $258,000.

JAMES HARRIS WAY, 6342-Baljeet Singh to Roya Halem, $365,000.

KENDRA WAY, 6166-Davis J. and Diana C. Lim to Billie Mia Lee, $349,999.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6857-Alka Thapar and Arun K. Thapar to Srinivas M. Chintakrindi, $376,000.

LAMBETH SQ., 14886-Michael and Sharon Ntow to Mario Gustavo Levy, $289,900.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13811-Lynn Marie Jones to Alberto V. Katilius and Dora M. Tsukernik, $305,000.

MIDDLEBOURNE LANE, 5454-Julie R. Jenkins and Walter J. Loza to Melody and Shakara Simmons, $365,000.

OTTAWA RD., 5608-Glenn W. Schumaker to Ji Young and Hyun Suk Lee, $325,000.

SALISBURY PLAIN CT., 14427-Jeffrey S. Cockrell to Monica R. Perales, $281,000.

SECRET HOLLOW LANE, 6220-Gary R. and Lynne N. Galluzzo to John M. and Serena E. Balderston, $645,000.

SMITHFIELD PL., 15568-Kevin D. and Donna D. Cavanaugh to John H. and Aimee D. Lowry, $875,000.

STONE MAPLE TER., 6735-Hugh G. and Kathryn A. Pollon to Ravi and Rama Shankar, $311,000.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14731-Dinesh and Chitra Gosain to Stephanie Small and Edward Gregory Kearns, $375,000.

VILLAGE FOUNTAIN PL., 5021-Chi A. Ma and Hsin Hsi Chen to John E. Stevens, $440,000.

WHEAT MILL WAY, 6520-John J. Billak and Deborah M. Dailey to Christian H. Manachi and Danielle A. Albert, $546,000.

Chantilly Area

BARE ISLAND DR., 13617-Dean L. and Marlene L. Kleinschmidt to Khac Oanh and K. Tuyet Anh, $630,000.

BERNADETTE CT., 15111-Paul A. and Marchele Cleveland to Karen H. Field, $334,900.

CARLS CT., 4330-Rodney and Rhonda D. Follin to Steven A. and Deidre L.H. Schrader, $475,000.

CLARET CT., 4231-Ann Gillman to Christopher M. and Karin E. Wallace, $239,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4611-Roxanne Battista to Jean M. Welcher, $389,900.

ELLENDALE DR., 13627-William R. and Mary E. Meintel to John K. Snyder, $405,000.

FILLINGAME DR., 4519-James M. and Maria F. McCarthy to Cletis William Dolen, $414,000.

JAMES CROSS ST., 13948-Jeanine A. and Robert J. Clough to James E. Kliner and Jayna Ontko, $460,000.

MELVILLE LANE, 13593-John M. and Tania L. Lester to Sylvia Y. and Daniel Hong,


PITCH PINE CT., 13416-Earl and Nina G. Raven to Daniel A. and Virginia E. Greunke, $540,000.

ROSETREE CT., 13728-Thomas E. and Mary B.M. Pyne to Douglas B. and Patricia A. Newcomb, $640,000.

TABSCOTT DR., 13522-W. Barry and Robin J. Harlowe to Vincent J. and Suzanne L. Angelo, $400,000.

Clifton Area

AMKIN CT., 7505-Amkin Court Corp. to John D. and Kimberly Lindenberg, $740,000.

GREEN RIDGE CT., 3806-Stacie Y. and Michael S. Kaminski to Michael and Sara L. Heydari, $250,000.

LIMESTONE CT., 13010-David and Carrie A. Erickson to Gina B. Constantino and Marlon P. Santos, $429,900.

LITTLE BROOK CT., 6029-Laurence W. Lang and Kirk B. Hagemeier to George L. Lampman, $315,000.

MILL DAM DR., 12665-John C. and Karen M. Kelly to John S. and Julie A. Davidson, $1.342 million.

ORCHARD DR., 13603-Chang Y. Chae to Nadejda Khorozova and Rabah Beaini, $250,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5800-Nicholas J. Pompei to Clementina F. Battad and Orson R. Battad, $241,200.

POPES HEAD RD., 12423-BBV Building Companies to Tuk Chun and Sun Ja Yi, $771,748.

REGAL CREST DR., 13303-James V. Melear and Paul T. Mills to Ali Abbarin and Azita Ahn, $833,500.

Fairfax City Area

ABINGTON CT., 9729-Robert K. and Yoon H. Ferguson to Jose F. and Edna Bernal, $515,000.

ALTA VISTA DR., 4316-Douglas L. and Barbara G. Emerson to Andres and Norma Delgado, $415,000.

ANTLER CT., 12100-Raymond Stewart to Woong Heo, Jun Heo and Moo S. Heo, $465,000.

BARCROFT MEWS CT., 3912-Stephanie Warnke to Harold and Livia Jacob, $506,000.

BRIARWOOD PL., 9301-Harry N. and Jacqueline B. Doyle to David C. and Darrah L. Thomas, $549,900.

BRIARY LANE, 9220-Morris A. Nunes to David M. Shurberg and Yvonne S. Fujimoto, $625,000.

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3733-John P. Mustico to James D. and Theresa A. Wright, $320,000.

CABOT RIDGE CT., 5426-James L. Ogletree and Gayle Evans to William E. McGregor and Shannon Woods, $344,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4811-Richard J. and Susan H. Spear to Lynne M. Constantine and Suzanne Scott, $415,000.

COLESBURY PL., 8967-Carol L. and Darwin E. Stolte to Christopher M. and Mary M. Bachinger, $690,500.

COVINGTON ST., 3042-Hyong Yi and Catherine Zanga to James T. and Yoolee C. Kim, $410,000.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2931-Christopher Donovan and Jason R. Price to David Yoon Kim, $348,000.

GLADE HILL RD., 8806-Edward H. and Mary C. Utley to Ben D. and Dorit Paz, $700,000.

GOODWOOD DR., 12102-Barbara E. and Robert P. Carver to Dolores L. Hamlin Bias and Gregory L. Bias, $590,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12110-Dorene L. Kewley to Salma Noor, $280,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12100-J. Anthony and Mathew J. Fulkerson to Tushar Garg, $275,400.

JENNICHELLE CT., 4805-Vincente L. and Rosario L. Coo to Salvador Lagdameo, $555,000.

KEEFER CT., 3736-Alison C. Kline to Dawn Sedgley, $360,300.

KENTMERE SQ., 4111-Cindy S. Tam to Brian T. and Cynthia K. Barrios, $435,000.

LAKE NORMANDY LANE, 12609-Ruchira Malhotra and Sudarshan K. Malhotra to Rajesh and Seema Kumar, $870,000.

LAKEWHITE CT., 5504-Baljit Singh and Jaswinder Kaur to Mohannad Shahad and Shaista Naureen, $308,000.

LINDENBROOK ST., 9597-Talaat and Nishat Mahmud to Anna Pacula, $379,000.

LISMORE LANE, 2965-Rebecca A. Rogers to Dean Marzetta and Kristine Freisinger, $584,999.

MANTUA DR., 3330-Harry J. and Marcia M. Gilman to Antonio Musumeci and Carolin Sagawa, $690,000.

MAYWOOD LANE, 9129-Jessica Holmes and James W. Martin to Ralph J. and Melinda F. Burroughs, $549,000.

MCFARLAND DR., 5023-Robert B. Worley to Richard J. and Amy W. Rawlings, $289,000.

MILLPOND CT., 3716-Simon S.Y. and Linda Yan Yuen Fong Lui to Clarence and Pamila J. John, $640,000.

NANCYANN WAY, 11329-Glen W. and Diane M. Alden to Arlether Williams and Victor A. Ugwu, $500,000.

PARK VISTA BLVD., 11605-Richard A. and Sarah B. Murphy to Gregory L. and Jennifer M. Weiner, $569,900.

PLATTEN DR., 3036-Sang T. Kwon to Guadalupe Soto, $500,000.

RIPPON LODGE DR., 10908-Joseph J. and Camille M. Collins to David L. and Ann K. Allwine, $529,888.

RIVER FORTH DR., 4106-Tars Lin to Leonore Lesho and Dung Lam, $488,040.

ROSE ARBOR CT., 3004-Jennifer and Nancy T. Nguyen to Thomas G. and Deborah L. Haskins, $779,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4214-Rita A. Golden to Erin C. Trende and Jerome P. Wilhelm, $395,000.

SOUTHWICK ST., 9100-Joseph C. Cruden to Bradley A. and Dana L. Swanson, $540,000.

SPRUCE ST., 10722-Walter B. Fulton to Richard P. and Marjorie Cook, $425,000.

STEVENS BATTLE LANE, 4312-Zhihao Wang to Viktor Khvan and Aida Beiseuova, $400,000.

SUDLEY FORD CT., 3716-Maria D.R. Vallejo to Marcela I. Vaca, $272,000.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12519-James J. and Karen E. Convery to Nilufer and Hasan Kerim Guc, $380,000.

TALON CT., 5515-Wayne A. Lee to Roderick J. MacBride and Ok W. Jung, $319,900.

TIMBER LOG WAY, 4142-Leslie A. McIlwain to Mirian E. Ribeiro, $409,900.

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