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Transcript: Steroids in Baseball

Wednesday, March 16, 2005; 1:05 PM

Following is a transcript of Tim Russert's interview with Congressional Reps. Tom Davis (R-Va.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.)excerpted from the March 13 airing of NBC's Meet the Press.

RUSSERT: And we are back and joined by the two congressmen who will lead hearings this week into steroids in baseball.

Chairman Tom Davis, Ranking Democrat Henry Waxman, welcome both.

Chairman Davis, you have subpoenaed seven Major League Baseball players, present or former. How many are showing up?

DAVIS: We expect them all to show up.


DAVIS: We expect them to. That's what the subpoena is. Now we're going to meet and there may be one who gets an excuse here or there. But we expect them all to be or we're ready to vote on a contempt resolution.

RUSSERT: Vote a contempt of Congress resolution out of the committee?

DAVIS: Absolutely. These people are not above the law. You know, they may fly on private planes and make millions of dollars and be on baseball cards, but a subpoena is exactly what it says it is. They have to appear.

RUSSERT: Will it be approved by the committee?

DAVIS: Of course.

RUSSERT: And it will then go to the full House?

DAVIS: Correct. And I expect it to be approved by a very wide margin there.

RUSSERT: How wide?

DAVIS: Very wide, 350-375 votes.

RUSSERT: In favor of contempt of Congress?

DAVIS: Of course.

RUSSERT: And then where does it go?

DAVIS: It goes to the courts for enforcement.

RUSSERT: And what does that mean?

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