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Costumes That Raise The Specter Of the Street

"I know some people will make a big deal about it," says Potter, who lives in Greer, S.C. "But come on, it's Halloween. Let's not take things too seriously.

"One son makes straight A's, the other A's and B's. They're good children who wanna get a laugh."

Black feathers, stockings and a very short dress make up the "ho" outfit. (Brands On Sale Inc.)

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Brandsonsale is not the only place to buy child-size outfits of the night. Spencer Gifts in Wheaton carries matching adult and child pimp outfits in blue velvet with faux-leopard trim.

"Last year, we sold lots of those," an employee said.

Economy Party Supplies, a major costume retailer in Falls Church, carries Pimp Daddy outfits for teenagers. How about grade-school kids?

"Let me think," saleswoman Diane Carter said. "And what size would that be?" She was serious, saying later that in her line of business, no question surprises her anymore.

Bloggers have been more nonplused. Recently, Internet debaters have been going at each other about this latest piece of pop culture.

"Finally, I now have a reason to want kids," sneers someone called Jer on Lunabean.com.

"Is this even legal?" Wmdragon asks on Uplink.Space.com. "What is Halloween coming to?"

A visitor called Leovinus has no problem with it. "I much prefer [this] to the costume featuring the butcher-knife-in-the-head look," he writes.

Two lines later, a smart aleck named igorsboss chimes in, "Damn this economic downturn."

Jcdenton suggests, "This means little considering how easy it is for kids nowadays to become desensitized to the vice of society after watching late-night TV."

To which Wmdragon comes back, "That would be Britney Spears' fault!"

"There are some among us who will do anything for money," writes Vladward8. "Now I'll stick my neck out and bet the costumes were not designed by black people."

He's right. Not only that, the Brandsonsale models are not black, either. They're white. Black models would have drawn too much fire, Weeks said.

"Not that we shy away from controversy," he added.

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