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Eyewear Bridges the Divide Between Comfort and Fashion

Sunday, April 10, 2005; Page A02

Eyewear Bridges the Divide Between Comfort and Fashion

Dallas artist James Sooy got tired of his glasses always sliding down his nose. This being the age of body piercing, the 22-year-old decided on a novel solution.

He pierced the bridge of his nose with a tiny barbell and hooked his glasses to the bar.

James Sooy of Dallas thought body piercing could serve the practical purpose of keeping his glasses from slipping. (James Sooy)

Now, Sooy and a friend say they want to market the notion and sell "pierced glasses" for as much as $100 a pop.

Of course, to use the glasses, you have to pierce your nose. Sooy said piercing the bridge is relatively painless. The lenses are secured to the little barbell with magnets, and nothing rubs on the ears.

"It's neat sometimes when you're talking to someone and they pop their head to the side and notice something is not quite right," Sooy said.

Jeffrey L. Weaver, clinical director of the American Optometric Association, has his doubts.

"Certainly for someone that wants to make a fashion statement with their eyewear, there are certainly other ways to do that than piercing their nose," he said.

-- Caroline Keating

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