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. . . Toasted Temperance

Sunday, September 21, 2003; Page C02

. . . toasted temperance. In the late 1800s, dentist Henry Cogswell hit upon the answer to Americans' woes: water, not liquor. To further his goal, he sent the city this four-columned, heron-crowned hodgepodge. The monument to moderation may have seen its better days, but this is hardly its low-water mark. It sat empty while the old Apex Liquor Store did a bustling business just behind it. And for more than a decade, a rusting hanger dangled from the heron's neck -- unbecoming if not unnoticed. A tip for today: If you're willing to drink to Cogswell's ideal, bring your own beverages. The fountain has again run dry.

A chagrined California senator once called the fountain the city's ugliest statue. (Bill O'leary -- The Washington Post)

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Temperance Fountain

Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW

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