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Recruits Ask for the Moon--and Sometimes Get It

"Six months ago, three months ago even, back in March, people were coming to us and saying we expect to get a car, a $5,000 sign-on bonus," Villella said. "I was like 'You arrogant son-of-a-gun.' That's kind of changed."

Now, Villella said, material requests come along with a desire to inspect a company's business plan.

There are still some gutsy wonders out there, according to a recent post on the High-Tech Net, a message board for human resources officials that is maintained by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Get this, wrote one recruiter: "This guy asked for use on the company jet. When the company said we are a start-up and don't have a company jet, the guy said, 'Well, then, I guess I'm not interested!' "

Another High-Tech Net recruiter said he'd had a request for an on-site washer-dryer from a candidate for a technical position. And a search consultant based in Ohio recalled that one job candidate moving from California to the East Coast asked for money to buy a cold-weather wardrobe. The company assented.

Guess that shoots the old signing bonus right out of the water.

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Extra Extras

Local companies have been offering these perks to tech workers:

* Every other Friday off during the summer.

* One-year lease on a new car after three years with the company.

* Access to beachfront houses.

* Golf tee times.

* Tickets to concerts and sporting events.

* Banana Republic gift certificates.

* Nap time during the day.

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