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Montgomery Home Sales

WAYRIDGE DR., 10639-Biswendu B. and R. Goswami to Elizabeth and Lawrence Wentzel, $355,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8640-Debiallison Nalwood to Milena A. and Nelson Omar Pineda, $216,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEAR VALLEY TERR., 2218-Ikhide R. and F.O. Ikheloa to Nancy H. and James D. Marquez, $360,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3802, No. 7-21-Constance O. Johnson to Marta A. and German Sanchez, $150,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3820, No. 13-83-Sean R. Jagroop to Lakanlall Singh, $125,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3902, No. 2-Tomas F. Guzman to Adolfo Batres, $122,000.

BUSHEY DR., 12708-John W. Sr. and L.M. Ferguson to Tuyet T. Vo and Hung T. Truong, $292,000.

CHARLES RD., 11705-Jennie Tang to Digna E. Soriano and Oscar A. Gutierrez, $340,000.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2800, No. 5-3535-Frances S. Trimble to Mikel Goicoechea, $199,000.

DEER VALLEY TERR., 15139-Brian J.D. and Carey A. Hughes to Mark J. Poletunow and Patricia L. Ruiz, $398,000.

DINSDALE CT., 2-Bronwyn L. Smith to Orolo D. and Ngo B. Abili, $267,600.

FARNELL DR., 12614-Vincent G. Copman, trustee, to Matilde Perez, $305,000.

FERRARA DR., 3720, No. 5-Caryn L. Hines to Robert C. Palmer, $205,000.

GAWAYNE TERR., 3714-Maimuna D. Kah to Mawyatou Ceesay, $310,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 13612-Thomas H. Bass to Vera L. De Sousa and Reginaldo Fernandez, $338,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2211, No. 202-6-Sajjad Durrani, trustee, to Garnet and Daunett Samuda, $189,000.

GREENLY ST., 3808-Clement F. and V.M. Dewitt to Priya Srinivasan and Andrey Kuzmichev, $325,000.

GREENLY ST., 3817-Jean Corvoisier to Natalie H. and Carlo Corvoisier, $291,000.

HEWITT AVE., 3232, No. 2-3-A-Alice A. Kokotakis to Peter Gebre and Sharon Freeman, $209,900.

HEWITT AVE., 3322, No. 7-1-B-Patricia E. Dillon to Samuel A. and Marlene J. Cornwall, $176,000.

HUGO CIR., 1530-Laurie L. and Jonathan S. King to Augustina Henaku, $395,000.

HUGO CIR., 1633-S.M. and Luis Gonzalez to Jeerapa Hans, $409,328.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-1020-P.F. and Brian V. Kinney to Geoffrey A. Secker, $199,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 2-314-Cheryl M. Lyons, trustee, to Rita and Saul L. Penn, $375,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-430-Virginai B. Tidwell to Edward Feldman trust, $333,000.

LOCKDALE RD., 13712-James D. Jr. and J.C. Melville to Duangruethai and James R. Peters Jr., $460,000.

LONG GREEN CT., 10-Harry E. and D.M. Bowman to Arlene L. and Carlo J. Romano, $230,000.

MC VEARY CT., 2509, No. 10CB-C.E. Leveridge to Keyonna Beverly, $170,000.

TREE HOUSE TERR., 14201-P.M. and Earl M. Ball to Thiago Freitas, $308,000.

TWIN BRANCHES CT., 3509, No. 37-A-Robert Riley, trustee, to Kathryn A. Creamer, $370,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14101, No. 2-4-Joan E. Pettway to Ana C. and Jose G. Colato, $195,000.

VERONA DR., 3224-T.M. and George A. Via to Carlos A. Serna, $405,500.

WENDY LANE, 3937-T.W. and Moo H. Kim to Tegui Perez, $342,500.

Olney Area

ABBEY MANOR DR., 19013-Cory S. and G.O. Irvin to Erin C. and Michael K. Ruane, $570,000.

BENTON SQUARE DR., 3161-Diane T. Gerrits to Mary A. Ramsdale, $299,000.

BLUEBELL LANE, 18210-Michael P. and C.C. Dechant to Katherine I. and Michael J. Kaminski, $630,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17817, No. 3-E-6-Olinda G. Zubiate to Yun Hak Kim, $183,000.

COVENT GARDEN CT., 17812-Hector F. and A.M. Morales to Donnette Forest and Jeffrey S. Lanning, $570,000.

DARNELL DR., 18228-Arthur J. and S.S. Paholski to Amorette M. and Julian A. Martin, $483,000.

FORT WILLIAM DR., 2311-Louis W. and D.L. Kovalsky to Ana Esther and Leonel Ivan Cruz, $648,000.

MEADOWLAND TERR., 18507-Mark D. Hertle to Janice C. Letow, $520,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17002, No. 47-John A. Morissette to Eduardo Marroquin, $282,500.

SHOTLEY BRIDGE PL., 17804-Glen K. Grant to Tricia K. and Torrence E. Smith, $359,900.

WINTER GARDEN WAY, 2248-Paul D. and Claire L. Tumminello to John W. Fuller, $400,000.

WINTERGARDEN CT., 4-William L. Wishart to Christi L. Tavano and Thomas J. Hendershot, $370,000.

Poolesville Area

HOSKINSON RD., 17511-Joshua C. Fielder to Mary A. Deveikis, $184,000.

HOSKINSON RD., 17515-Joseph H. Thatcher Jr. to Kimberly G. and James D. Poore Sr., $186,000.

KOHLHOSS RD., 17533-Joycelyn Carpenter to John Murphy, $118,800.

KOHLHOSS RD., 17613-Ronald S. Repass to Jennifer Ferrell, $205,000.

SPURRIER AVE., 19913-Edward A. and M.S. Swerdlow to Kelly D. and Matthew J. Hueting, $497,500.

Potomac Area

CHAREN LANE, 11828-Lesley and Jerold I. Schneider to Ai Fang, $590,000.

COMMONS WAY N., 13011-J.B. and Arnold Moss to Jean Michel N. Happi, $629,926.

COPENHAVER DR., 9461-David and H. Levin to Liliana Urrego and Guillermo M. Vega, $713,000.

FALLSMEAD WAY S., 1922-Vincent E. and P.J. Lazzaro to Hieu and William Chao, $662,000.

GLYNSHIRE CT., 11604-Ernesto A. and Lanza to Lauren M. and Mark A. Salzberg, $1.09 million.

GOYA DR., 11829-P. and Georgi Cervenkov to Nina Bernstein Spiegelman, $855,000.

HAYWORTH DR., 13637-Shao G. Wang to Chi and Raymond Leung, $505,000.

LE HAVRE DR., 11705-Nelson T. Lao, trustee, to Sarah and Jeff C. Kuhnreich, $1.08 million.

LOCKLAND RD., 10813-Robert L. Lechner to Giana L. and Bijan M. Kazerouni, $895,000.

MUIRFIELD CT., 7824-Oliver M. and J.F. Bennett to Lang Lin and Xin Tian, $405,000.

OAKLYN DR., 10411-Joseph J. Matonis to Uma and Sashidhar Movva, $1.4 million.

REGENCY DR., 11601-Arthur W. Lake to Sharone and Andrew Scherr, $560,000.

SORREL AVE., 9740-Vaughn A. Clarke to Susan M. and Eric I. Richman, $2.05 million.

WOODINGTON DR., 9408-M.B. and Jerome K. Soffer to Andre A. Linares, $700,000.

Rockville Area

ASTER BLVD., 628-Robert B. and M.G. Swope to Pamela and Anthony Scarano, $575,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12200, No. 209-E. and C. John Liakos to Sung Ok Lee, $210,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12207, No. 50-Patricia A. Brown to Jacqueline M. Reilly, $179,900.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12211, No. 82-Guillermo M. Moron to Daysi Rojas, $235,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12309, No. 450-Mojgan Thelen to Edward Baca Asher, $205,000.

BRICE RD., 802-D.A. and Robert S. Sanford to Daniel B. Barrett, $310,000.

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