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Last week we turned over this space to ardent Red Sox fan and "Daily Show" correspondent Rob Corddry, who called Yankees fans uncreative, unimaginative and "normally stupid." For a response, we turn now to "The Howard Stern Show" comedian Artie Lange, a former all-county third baseman at Union (N.J.) High School whose DVD is called "It's the Whiskey Talkin'."

Your thoughts?

The most creative people on the planet are Yankees fans: Woody Allen, Billy Crystal. I know they're not in the league of a Rob Corddry, but I think that's a bad argument on his part.

What do you think about Red Sox fans?

Actually, one of my favorite cities on the planet earth to do standup in is Boston. I really identify with Boston -- I'm a blue collar guy, and a lot of my fans there are blue collar. I like going up there and going drinking with them. This October I lost four steak dinners on bets with Red Sox fans and I paid off every one of them. I had to pay off about $800 in dinners for that loss.

Was that the worst part of the loss?

No, actually, I can afford the $800 at this point in my life. The worst part was I went to Game 6 where [Curt] Schilling was bleeding from the ankle and just mowed them down. It was a cold, rainy night, and I had to get up for work at 4:30 the next morning. It was brutal, really brutal.

If you had to spend 24 hours in a small locked room with a Red Sox fan or a Mets fan, who would you choose?

A Red Sox fan. American League all the way. Mets fans are sort of like that guy that you see at the Department of Motor Vehicles who looks like he spends a lot of time there just to talk to people. They dress in that light blue jacket with the orange, and some of them have the green socks. They're not fun to hang with. I'd rather be with a Red Sox fan.

Was this offseason tough for you?

Lot of drinking. I felt what it's like, I guess, to be a Red Sox fan. I was drinking a lot, I was cursing. It was a hard fall, you know, really brutal, because the Yankees are like the one constant in my life. I'm such a loser in every other aspect, and the Yankees are the one thing in my life that makes me a winner. What do I have now?

Did you hear it from any Red Sox fans?

A lot of them came out in New York, all the sudden the Red Sox fans were out, so I heard from them, absolutely. I'm doing a gig in Boston May 6 and 7, that's my first time there since they won. But in November I was in Hartford, which is mostly Red Sox fans, and when I walked on stage they chanted, 'Yankees [stink]' for five minutes. They wouldn't shut up.

What kind of fan are you?

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