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Little Big Man Is In Motion

The NBA will be there this summer, and while Robinson won't give a hint about anything, the understanding around Washington is that this time he will leave.

Someone will take him, of course. Even in the world of NBA giants there is room for a player who doesn't know when to stop.

Nate Robinson, a 5-9 junior, was nicknamed at birth by his father, Jacque Robinson, a former MVP of the Orange Bowl. (Matt Sayles -- AP)

But there was another reason Robinson said no to the NBA. His girlfriend, Sheena Felitz, was pregnant, and Nate, at 21, was going to be a father of a baby boy, just like Jacque in the months before winning the Orange Bowl MVP.

Nate wanted to be there for his son's first year. He even knew exactly what his name should be.


The women groaned.

Ultimately, he lost the name fight, having to settle for his second choice, Nahmier, which his mother Renee Busch says is a combination of Nate's name and that of former Saint Joseph's star Jameer Nelson, who was last year's college player of the year despite being just 6-feet tall.

As his father did two decades before, Nate Robinson stood in a hospital room as the nurses swaddled his son. He looked down at his son already squirming in his arms.

And he told him he, too, would one day be great, just like his father.

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