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Friday, January 28, 2005; Page C03

Kidman's Buffer Zone

Nicole Kidman can sleep easier in her Sydney home now that a temporary restraining order for two photogs to steer clear has been granted. She can talk freely, too.

The beauty (born in Hawaii but raised in Australia) returned to her home town Sunday to film her next movie, "Eucalyptus." But by Wednesday she had filed for a temp order against Jamie Fawcett, 43, and Ben McDonald, 32, after her security team found an electronic listening device near a security vehicle.

Dick Clark returned home after being hospitalized for seven weeks after suffering a stroke. (Jennifer Graylock - AP)

Kidman's main bodyguard, Neil McMaster, said surveillance tapes showed that the device seemed to be intentionally planted to catch chats between the actress and her security team.

McDonald's lawyer and Fawcett's lawyer both deny their clients' involvement.

Magistrate Lee Gilmore ordered the snap-guys not to go within 66 feet of the Oscar winner's home or approach her there. Gilmore said she understands that these men need to make a living as photogs but "it's all a matter of degree," adding, "As Miss Kidman says, she's willing to put up with some [of] it but it's gone beyond that."

Call It 'Fort Milano'

Between Homeland Security renting out Cafe Milano last month and practically all the top Department of Defense guys showing up Wednesday night, Cafe Milano has got to be the safest Italian restaurant on the planet.

SecDef Don Rumsfeld, Dep SecDef Paul Wolfowitz, CIA head Porter Goss, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), House Majority Leader Tom " The Hammer" DeLay (R-Tex.) and top generals with various spouses dined upstairs. (Please, imagine the amount of security.) And on his way out, Rummy did a happy walk-through along the main dining area with wife Joyce. Our question is: In that crowd, who foots the bill?

A smaller power table came together at the Georgetown hot spot Tuesday night -- local millionaire pals Joe Robert and Jim Kimsey entertained Lionel Richie and Chris Tucker. Or is that the other way around?

Noted . . .

America's oldest teenager, Dick Clark, is out of the hospital. The "American Bandstand" icon returned to his Malibu home Wednesday after a seven-week stay in the hospital because of a stroke. His publicist declined to discuss his condition . . . Greg Brady, er, Barry Williams is getting divorced from his second wife, Ella Mary Matt Williams. They have been married since 1999 and have a 2-year-old son . . . The 9:30 club will be jamming tonight thanks to the local duo and town fave Thievery Corporation, who'll be DJing in their trip-hop style to a sold-out crowd as a benefit for the United Nations World Food Program. We're told the 20 grand raised so far is headed straight to the tsunami victims . . . And the last picture show has been shown at Cinema theater, the Wisconsin Avenue single-screener. "We're sad the theater is closing," manager Daniel Valdez told us yesterday. The movie house, which opened in 1965, unplugged its projector for good yesterday. The final reel: "A Very Long Engagement."

. . . and Quoted

"The whole industry is on its knees."

-- John Casablancas, founder of Elite Model Management, explaining to the New York Post why he's making a comeback.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

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