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Overheard in the Office

Sunday, January 30, 2005; Page M02

Maybe your boss is a blowhard who uses staff meetings as a soapbox. Or you've got a co-worker whose off-color comments would make any HR rep blush. Instead of suffering in silence, why not post your corporate gems on www.overheardintheoffice.com? The site, which launched earlier this month, invites readers to write in with choice bits they've gleaned at

the proverbial water cooler. "When people are at work, they allow themselves to say the most ridiculous things," says New Yorker Michael Malice, 28, who co-founded the site with his friend Morgan Friedman, 29. (The duo also collaborated on www.overheardinny.com, a list of witticisms from the mouths of Manhattanites.) "We want to play on


the paranoia of all those people

who ran their big fat mouths off," Malice explains. "Now they're being held accountable in front of the world." Michelle Hainer

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