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. . . Seen a Modern Flick the Old-Fashioned Way at the Uptown

Sunday, January 25, 2004; Page C02

. . . seen a modern flick the old-fashioned way at the Uptown. This D.C. neighborhood theater is a mecca for moviegoers, with its curved screen (which improves the focus of the shots) and large section of balcony seats so fans can watch a film without tilting their heads. Show selection at the theater is limited with only the one screen, but the movie runs usually last much longer than typical theaters -- a good way to catch a favorite release on the big screen before it goes to video.

Uptown theater gives the star treatment to films with its single monster screen. (Jonathan Ernst For The Washington Post)

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The Cineplex Odeon Uptown is at 3426 Connecticut Ave. NW, in the Cleveland Park neighborhood. The theater office can be reached at 202-966-8805.

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