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Tuesday, April 12, 2005; Page C14

A Mammoth Find In California

• Imagine a 12-foot-tall mammoth with six- to seven-foot-long tusks, walking around the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

Turns out you don't have to imagine. Fossilized bones of a mammoth were discovered last week as workers prepared a site for a housing development in the town of Moorpark. Prehistoric creatures roamed that part of California, as earlier discoveries of mammoths and mastodons have shown. What's amazing about this discovery is that as much as 70 percent of the mammoth's bones were discovered, including both tusks.

Dave Alexander examines the fossilized pelvis bone of a mammoth in Moorpark, California. The large white objects are plaster casts protecting other fossils. (Michael Owen Baker -- AP)

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Plaster casts of the bones have been made, they've been covered in burlap and are being removed from the site.

The town's mayor already has come up with a name for the creature: the Moorpark Mammoth.

April Showers Bring . . . Snow Plowers?

• Even in Colorado -- known for its mountains and skiing and, yes, snow -- two feet of the white stuff in April is ridiculous.

The spring snowstorm shut down roads, closed airports and left thousands of people without power. It also meant two words for many of the state's kids: Snow Day.

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