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Text: Remarks by Sen. Graham to the Republican National Convention

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Monday, August 30, 2004; 10:18 PM

GRAHAM: Thank you. Are you ready to win?

Thank you all very much. 

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I'm honored to be part of a convention that will nominate George W. Bush for president of the United States.


Because during these troubling times, ladies and gentlemen, much is at stake for our nation and our party.

Our political opponents talk of two Americas -- a divided nation. Tonight, our speaker, John McCain of Arizona, will call for a united America to ensure we win a great struggle we cannot afford to lose.

There will be no class warfare in this hall tonight.


John McCain is one of the most respected and admired men in this country, a person who embodies the American spirit, which is always searching for a cause greater than ourselves.

His biography is well known to many of us: brave soldier, inspiring leader, straight talker, crusader against wasteful spending, independent thinker.

Most of all, I thank him for his lifetime of support for our troops. 


As President Bush recently said of Senator McCain, "When he speaks of service and sacrifice, he speaks from experience. The United States military has no better friend in the United States Senate than John McCain." 


Truer words have never been spoken by our president.

Ladies and gentlemen, John McCain has seen and experienced things no person should ever have to endure, but he has endured with his honor and dignity intact.

GRAHAM: He respects dissent, but has always kept faith with and respected his comrades in arms.


He is respected by the American people regardless of their ideology or political affiliation because they know he speaks from the heart and has the courage of his convictions.

Because of this, John McCain is a great asset to our party and will help carry us to victory in November.


However, this you must know and never forget, ladies and gentlemen: Until John McCain takes his last breath, he will always do what he thinks is best for his country.

And tonight, he will tell us and the world the best thing for his country is to re-elect George W. Bush president of the United States.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my friend, a true American hero, Senator John McCain.

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