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For Older Drivers, Giving Up License And Independence Can Be Tough

I am from Duluth, Minn., which has some of the most severe winter conditions in the nation. I learned to drive there, and I offer the following suggestions:

• If you have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, carry sandbags or other weights (200 pounds) for better traction.

• If you can't keep up with traffic, move to the far right so you don't block cars or trucks that have traction.

• Maintain adequate distance from other vehicles to avoid damage if your vehicle or another vehicle skids.

• When approaching a hill, wait at the bottom until all cars that are on the incline have made it to the top.

• Avoid making lane changes; there is usually built-up snow or ice between lanes that can contribute to a skid. If you do, do it gradually.

• If you get stuck, don't abandon your vehicle. Call and wait for assistance.

Doug Smith


Thanks for the tips. Worth clipping.

Downtown Double-Parking

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Here are some specifics on frequent double- and triple-parking on M Street NW. I commute through there between 11 a.m. and noon.

Double-parked cars and delivery trucks for the area's numerous restaurants and other businesses are mostly concentrated on the north side of M Street, between 18th and 20th streets, and sometimes up to 21st Street. The south side of M between 19th and 20th streets is also often clogged.

I appreciate whatever official interest you can generate in alleviating this chronic problem.

Mel Barnhart


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