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NCAA Council Recommends That Schools Be Allowed to Play 12th Game

Wednesday, April 13, 2005; Page D02

The NCAA Division I Management Council has backed legislation that would allow Division I-A and I-AA schools to add a 12th football game starting with the 2006 season.

The plan was given tentative approval by the council at its meeting on Monday and will be sent to the NCAA Board of Directors for final consideration April 28.

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Division I Vice President David Berst said yesterday he didn't know whether the NCAA board would go along with the council's recommendation, which was opposed only by the Atlantic Coast Conference among I-A conferences.

"I would expect there will be more discussion," Berst said. "The board should have the freedom to make its own decision."

There was no discussion of the issue at the council's meeting.

"The various conferences came to the meeting prepared to vote, and we just tallied the votes," Berst said.

Ron Wellman, the athletic director at Wake Forest and chairman of the ACC's athletic directors, said many of the conference's concerns dealt with academics.

"We believe the season is long enough at 11 games, and we actually enjoy the bye week," he said.

Currently, Division I football teams play 11 regular season games except in years when there are 14 Saturdays from the first permissible playing date through the last playing date in November. The 2002 and 2003 seasons qualified for the extra game, but without the new legislation, the next would not be until 2008.

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