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What a Site: 36 Web Addresses You Should Know

If you’ve used the Internet to plan a trip, you’re not alone. More than 64 million Americans used online sites last year to ferret out travel options, according to a survey by the Travel Industry Association of America. The landscape has become very confused as thousands of sites compete for a share of this lucrative industry–one study estimates that Internet users spent nearly $23 billion on travel booking in 2002 and will spend $50 billion annually by 2007. We’ve pored over hundreds of .coms, .nets, .govs and .orgs to come up with our top picks. Here’s a guide to travel sites that won’t waste your time, and may save you money. Note: all files below are in pdf format.

Budget Travel
Booking Aggregators
Hidden-Provider, Cruises
All-Purpose Booking
Last-Minute, Auction

_____Way to Go Guide_____
Travel Agents, With Reservations
Booking a Flight: A Seven-Step Plan
Hotels, by the Booking
Catching the Bus
Taking the Train
How to Renew or Apply for a Passport
Specialty Travel
Before You Go: A Traveler's Toolbox

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