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Burying the Real News

Saturday, March 19, 2005; Page A23

I want to add my voice to the many others you have probably heard regarding the placement and content of The Post's article on the deaths of prisoners in Afghanistan ["2 Died After '02 Beatings by U.S. Soldiers," news story, March 12].

The Post story was very short and placed on Page A14. The next day the New York Times put a much longer and more detailed story on its front page above the fold. That seems to say something about how editors view the importance of this story. For me, the story is crushing evidence of U.S. wrongdoing and should not be swept to the back of the paper. We need to own up to our mistakes, not bury them. I'm disappointed in The Post's decision.

(Denis Poroy -- AP)

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-- Anne Weissenborn

Silver Spring

It has not gone unnoticed that The Post has relegated much of its coverage of the war in Iraq to the back pages of the A Section. Out of sight, out of mind!

Today, as we mark the second anniversary of America's preemptive invasion of Iraq, some of us will remember our dead and wounded U.S. and allied troops, and the uncounted dead and wounded Iraqi men, women and children. For some of us, this war continues to be front-page news.

-- Yvonne Knauff


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