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Va. Transportation Plans

Thursday, February 24, 2005; Page A10

A recent state report estimated that Virginia will need to spend more than $203 billion on its transportation network by 2025. The state expects to have $95 billion over that time period.

The problem: As construction and maintenance costs have risen, the state has had less money for new projects. State officials estimate that their entire transportation budget will go toward maintenance by 2018. The current six-year transportation plan includes $6.3 billion, $5.3 billion for highway needs and $1 billion for transit projects.

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Finding money: Lawmakers have split over how to raise money for new projects. Many would increase gas taxes, which provide most of the funding for transportation, but others prefer tolls. Some argue that nothing should be done until there is a constitutional amendment that protects the transportation trust fund from being used for other things.

Strategy: Lawmakers have increasingly sought out public-private partnerships to advance construction. These plans also rely on tolls but relieve the state from a portion of start-up, construction and maintenance costs.

What to build: The list of major proposals includes a river crossing in Hampton Roads, a highway in the mountains of southwest Virginia and a rail link to Tysons Corner and Dulles Airport. A new Interstate 66 interchange in Gainesville, a carpool link through the Springfield Mixing Bowl and the widening of Interstate 95 also top the list of needs in Northern Virginia.

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