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The Lebanon File

1991 Lebanon and Syria sign the Treaty of Brotherhood, Cooperation and Coordination. All militias but Hezbollah are ordered to dissolve.

1992 Rafiq Hariri becomes prime minister.

1976: Syrian troops entering Beirut after Lebanon requests that they intervene in its civil war. Eventually, Syrian troop strength in Lebanon would grow to at least 30,000. (Rihan -- AP)

1993 Israeli military actions against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon force hundreds of thousands from their homes.

2000 Israel pulls its troops from the south and the Bekaa Valley, ending 22 years of occupation; SLA collapses, but Hezbollah remains active in the area.

2003 Syria reduces its troop presence in Lebanon to about 15,000.

2004 The U.N. Security Council adopts a resolution demanding that foreign troops leave Lebanon; Syria refuses to withdraw.

2005 Former prime minister Hariri is killed by a car bomb. Separate pro- and anti-Syria rallies draw huge crowds. The cabinet resigns in response to the anti-Syrian protests. Reacting to these and pressure from the United States and the United Nations, Syria begins to withdraw some troops.

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