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WorldCom Company Timeline

* Feb. 3: WorldCom announces that it will lay off 5,000 more employees.

* March 12: Federal prosecutors ask WorldCom to delay release of the company's accounting investigations while they examine new evidence that could incriminate former CEO, Bernard J. Ebbers.

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Story Archive and Company Background

* March 14: WorldCom announces that it will take one-time $79.8 billion write-off.

* April 15: WorldCom unveils reorganization plan that would erase most of its debt, rename the company after its long-distance unit, MCI, and move its headquarters from Clinton, Miss., to Ashburn, Va.

* April 22: Former CFO, Scott D. Sullivan, pleads not guilty today to securities and bank fraud.

* May 19: WorldCom agrees to pay investors $500 million to settle civil fraud charges.

* July 7: A federal judge approves a $750 million settlement between WorldCom and federal regulators.

* July 22: Verizon Communications agrees not to oppose WorldCom's reorganization plan.

* July 26: Sources say the Justice Department is investigating allegations that WorldCom improperly rerouted long-distance calls.

* July 31: The General Services Administration notifies WorldCom that it is ineligible to win new federal contracts until it improves accounting controls.

* August 4: WorldCom tells a federal bankruptcy court that preliminary results from an internal investigation found no evidence that the long-distance telephone company tried to disguise the origin of calls or route them improperly to avoid paying fees to local phone companies.

* August 6: A bankruptcy judge approves a $750 million settlement of civil fraud charges made by the Securities and Exchange Commission on WorldCom investors' behalf.

* August 12: WorldCom appoints former AT&T Corp. executive Richard R. Roscitt as its new president and chief operating officer.

* August 27: Oklahoma Attorney General W.A. Drew Edmondson files criminal charges against WorldCom Inc. and six former executives, including founder Bernard J. Ebbers.

* Sept. 3: Former WorldCom Inc. chief executive Bernard J. Ebbers pleads not guilty to charges that he violated Oklahoma fraud and securities laws.

* Sept. 9: Two groups of dissident creditors abandon their legal challenge to the company's reorganization plan in return for a combined payout of more than $400 million.

* Sept. 12: A federal bankruptcy judge signs off on WorldCom's revised bankruptcy plan today and allowed the company to send it out to creditors for their approval.

* Sept. 15: WorldCom Inc.'s internal and external auditors testify in U.S. Bankruptcy Court that the company's books remain a tangled mess.

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