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Governor Hopefuls Hit Hard And Often

"There is no Sgt. Schultz defense when you are a leader," Kaine said, referring to the famously ignorant character in the TV show "Hogan's Heroes." "To say, 'I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing' is not leadership."

Kilgore later rolled his eyes at another mention of the case, which the GOP agreed to settle this week by paying $750,000.

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"Amazing. Amazing," Kilgore said. "I moved on 33 months ago. It's amazing to me the spin that's going on in this case."

There were a few moments of agreement: They both support allowing Virginia governors to succeed themselves. And they both support the creation of a new university in Southside Virginia.

But most of the day was spent drawing contrasts.

Kilgore said several times that Virginians want a governor who will "reform" the state. He talked about finding ways other than the gas tax to raise money for transportation. He said he supports amendments to the state and federal constitutions to ban same-sex marriage. And he said he favors repealing gun control laws that are unnecessary, such as the state's famous restriction that limits gun purchases to one a month.

"I'm certain we will be talking about the huge differences . . . that reflect our Virginia values," Kilgore said.

Kaine cited his record as mayor of Richmond, where he said he turned around the city's historic crime problem and began improving schools. He vowed to seek a constitutional amendment to stop raids on the state transportation fund and said he opposes same-sex marriage.

"I'm going to run a campaign that talks about ideas," Kaine said. "I will not let anybody make up stuff about my record and lob it in from long distance without responding."

Staff writer Chris L. Jenkins contributed to this report.

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