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George Solomon


Sunday, March 20, 2005; Page E02

Talkbackers are getting excited about the return of baseball to the nation's capital (hearings don't count), with the exhibition game between the Nats and New York Mets at RFK Stadium only two weeks away. Baseball Gang members who sent checks for tickets to that game will be getting them this week.

A letter last week referring to the Senators outfielder who lost the ball in the sun in a crucial game in 1945 as George "Bingo" Banks was incorrect. It was Bingo Binks who went out to right field without his sunglasses. Binks lost the fly ball in a crucial game, and the rest is history. The Detroit Tigers won it all that season. Bingo Binks was a good hitter, with a .278 average that year. And Griffith Stadium was a neat place.

James Reid, Walkersville

Perhaps the Nationals' marketing staff will consider a Bingo Binks Night this season.

I am a native Washingtonian who spent many days and evenings at Griffith Stadium, and I am as nostalgic as anyone about the return of baseball to D.C. But your idea that the new stadium should in some way resemble Griffith is idiotic. The bleacher entrance was separate because the bleachers were not physically attached to the rest of the stadium. The roof over the grandstand had an odd, two-tier effect because they were purchased at two different times from two different racetracks. The place was home, but it was an architectural disaster.

Jim Casey, Falls Church

The idiosyncrasies of Griffith Stadium you mention are reasons enough for the stadium architects, whomever they may be, to consider incorporating in some way in plans for the new stadium. MLB made the mistake of ignoring Washington area baseball fans and the city's baseball history for too long.

Where are the Orioles coming from, claiming in that full-page ad in The Washington Post last Sunday they have exclusive television rights to this territory? As far as I'm concerned the Orioles have miscalculated as badly as Putin in Ukraine and Syria in Lebanon.

Anthony Zidek, Alexandria

My man Putin has always favored separate and equal TV outlets for both the Nats and O's.

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