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Anne Arundel Home Sales

Thursday, April 14, 2005; Page AA17

The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 30, No. 30E-Clifford J. Quinn Jr. to Charles T.M. Steuart, $255,000.

AMBERSTONE CT., 60, No. 60-Jessica S. Hutson to James and Joyce M. Perrie, $220,000.

BARBUD LANE, 1206-Joseph S. Ferris to Melissa Brady, $328,900.

BAY DR., 91-Thomas M. Carey Jr. to John K. and Mary A. Messenger, $1.5 million.

BLACKWALNUT CT., 1316-Gary J. Campbell to Donald S. Jacques and Allison J. Mikolajezyk, $369,000.

CLINTON CT., 7020, No. 20A-Robert H. Smith to Erik B. and Lauren Ann Cherdak, $450,000.

EDGEWOOD GREEN CT., 15-Brandon W. Smith to Deborah Nielsen, $260,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 794, No. 794C-Gary N. Berg to Douglas A. and Julie R. Baska, $255,000.

FOX HOLLOW LANE, 405-Dale R. Shelton to Troy E. and Susan L. Pavlitsa, $569,000.

HORN POINT CT., 15, No. 6-Malcolm M. Millhone to Michael W. and Alexa A. Winters, $785,000.

MAGNOLIA RIDGE RD., 3230-Scott Carcillo to Andrew B. and Darcy M. Coxe, $675,000.

MUIR WOODS CT., 20-Sherrie Garay to Kenneth R. Toma Jr., $253,500.

SADDLE RIDGE RD., 408-Billie L. Welti to Robert V. Harrell and Jacqueline Harris Harrell, $556,000.

THOMAS POINT RD., 3813-William T. Keevan to Richard M. and Michelle D. Petitbon, $1.75 million.

WINDWHISPER LANE, 975-David W. Mallon to Amelia J. Holson, $325,000.

Annapolis- Sandy Point State Park Area

AMOS GARRETT BLVD., 69-Nicholas D. Christhilf to David W. Iatesta, $585,000.

BEACON WAY, 930-Laura J. Buren to Esther M. Sutphin, $299,000.

CAPT. JOHN BRICE WAY, 505, No. 85-Kristin J. Sohr to John Earl and Joan Ruth Braaten, $410,000.

CARRIAGE HILL PKWY., 1061-George D. Babbis to Charles K. and Nancy L. Crawford, $545,000.

CHESTERFIELD RD., 997-John Storck to William Lambros, $222,000.

COMMANDERS WAY N., 1023-Mandy S. Schwallenbergh to Walter and Joseph Tate, $190,000.

CUTTER CT., 621-Basil G. Atalla to Feliciano Flores Hernandez and Norma Cholula, $199,999.

FARRAGUT RD., 117-J.R. Connell to Chesapeake Classic Properties Corp., $230,000.

GLENWOOD ST., 708, No. 41-Wellington W. Sullivan III to Crystal D. Sullivan, $135,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2015, No. 303-Christopher W. Wackerman to Lisa Locascio, $223,000.

HICKORY WOOD DR., 1513-Anthony D. Perez to Richard Threlfall, $259,000.

HIDDEN POINT RD., 1916-Andre Deladrier to John R. and Angela L. Schedel, $1.16 million.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 604-Darrell L. Shifflett to Jonathan C. and Paul W. Rowley, $193,000.

MONTEREY AVE., 601-Mark Mandelkorn to Rory V. and Kai Lee Berke, $654,500.

SEXTANT CT., 1020-Catherine M. Willing, trustee, to Doris E. Whitney, $369,450.

SLOPING WOODS CT., 304-Matthew A. Bozorth to Julie A. Baity, $254,800.

SLOPING WOODS CT., 306-Mary C. Munoz to Bonny L. and Clark R. Lystra, $276,900.

SPA VIEW AVE., 139-Michael M. Baldauf to Daniel F. Coope and Jacqueline W. High, $1.235 million.

ST. MARGARETS DR., 964-William Prugh to Nyleen L. Hall, $319,900.

THOREAU CT., 2194-James S. Boyd to Russell S. and Mihaela Boyd, $380,000.

TRIPP CREEK CT., 620-Francisco C. Mariano Jr. to Douglas Morales and Maria Elsa Tobar Serrano, $190,000.

Arnold Area

ASQUITH DR., 1126-Margaret B. Blanchet to William and Rebecca Benner, $1.816 million.

BAY GREEN DR., 612-Michael D. Belue to Dawn M. Ostrowski, $499,900.

CHAUTAUGUA RD., 64-Craig H. Lundberg, trustee, to Troy M. Taylor and Jennifer L. Wilson, $430,000.

CHOCATAW RD., 1612-Thomas W. Burke to Alvin J. and Marcey Miller, $470,000.

DEEP CREEK AVE., 1032-Virgil Joseph Keith to Thomas M. Godwin, $140,000.

MEDINAH CT., 1422, No. 29-Carol A. Shriner to Adam S. and Johanna L. Whitescarver, $205,000.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 588, No. 127-Gregory V. Fisher to Eric L. and Kristine M. Bert, $270,000.

STANFORD CT., 398-Kenneth W. Stuart to George J. Leahy III, $395,000.

STOCKTON CT., 1406-Scott M. Sharpe to Gregg Boersma and Teresa Wolejko, $550,000.

TERNWING DR., 278-Suzanne L. Krzeminski to Susan Kozel, $175,000.

Brooklyn Area

HOLY CROSS RD., 413-Charles R. Ford to Barbara and Joseph Hagan, $220,000.

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 420-R. and K. Properties Corp. to Dwayne Hopkins, $121,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5206-Ronald Little to Wayne R. Gorzo Jr., $72,000.

TOWNSEND AVE., 304-Alice E. Arnold to Mario A. and Linda A. Custodio, $170,000.

WALTON AVE., 201-Dorothy V. Miller to Stephen Gruyin and Erika Matheny, $175,000.

THIRD ST., 4103-Edward L. Harrison to Aarish Properties Corp., $106,000.

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