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Anne Arundel Home Sales

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7122-Stephen J. Vyskocil to Gene F. and Rosemarie Tillman, $232,400.

BAYLOR RD., 601-Edward J. Schwartz to Robert D. and Edwina R. Oreta, $274,900.

BIG BAER CT., 1521-Michael D. Duncan to Kirsten Owens, $195,000.

BROADVIEW BLVD S., 104-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Heather M. McBee, $155,000.

BROADVIEW BLVD. N., 1208-Glenna L. Isner to John T. and Michele M. Gavin, $207,500.

BROADVIEW BLVD. N., 905-Steven C. Stackhouse to Jo Ann G. Sisco, $189,900.

CASUAL CT., 804-George I. Muchesko to Mary Slimm and Damien Birchfield, $200,000.

CRAB APPLE CT., 8204-Jolene P. Knox to Michael L. and Kristie M. Taylor, $280,100.

CRAWFORD DR., 1201-Charles Mercer to Michael P. Rich, $235,000.

DOLPHIN CT., 6513-Theodore E. Musiker to Christopher R. and Jessica L. Johnson, $170,000.

ELKINS ST., 5808-Joseph T. Merson Jr. to Jo Ann Davies, $280,000.

FOXVIEW DR., 126-Larry L. McKnight to Judith M. Schiltz, $239,500.

GAEL CT., 702-William Welzenbach to Anne M. and Bruce D. Parmiter, $193,900.

GLENVILLA DR., 1038-Casimer Borek to James A. Viera Jr., $132,500.

GNOME CT., 717-Jeffrey S. Gregory to Daman S. Sekhon, $200,000.

GRAFTON GARTH CT., 6447-Laron E. Whitt to David V. Hastings and Karen M. Koogie, $141,500.

GRIFFITH RD., 722-Cassandra Edwards to Valerie M. Howard, $127,000.

HAMLEN RD., 504-Joyce D. Lindner to Samuel J. and Mary D. White, $180,000.

HOUGHTON RD., 1419-Joseph D. Sears to Laurie A. Ceglarek, $165,000.

HUNTINGTON CT., 110-Leo B. Ott Jr. to William R. Moschelle and Theresa M. Rapposelli Moschelle, $369,500.

MAYO RD., 614-James B. Sullivan Jr. to Jason and Crystal Young, $206,000.

PERTHSHIRE PATH, 7990-Joseph F. Krebs to Alan M. Krebs, $257,000.

PHIRNE RD. E., 8081-Kenneth A. Fredericks to Ellis J. Rush, $266,000.

PLEASANTVILLE DR., 1456-Drake Yi to Loren C. Yi, $225,000.

QUARTERFIELD RD., 7681-Jennifer L. Litwiller to James A. and Karen H. Andersen, $260,000.

SHORT CURVE RD., 529, No. 79-Phillip F. Scheibe to Kristina A. Allen, $175,000.

WHALER CT., 7515, No. 8811-Dennis A. Viens to Teena M. Miller, $194,000.

WILLIAM ST., 1310-Ernest R. Albright to Barry S. Allan, $200,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BEAGHAN CT., 7729-Kimberly A. Sweep to Donnie B. and Andrea S. Young, $315,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1109, No. 1D-Joshua Ferguson to Raymond A. and Anna V. Stanley, $130,000.

DORCHESTER RD., 133-Gary L. George Sr. to Shawn Hancock, $145,000.

HOWARD RD., 1312-David W. Silva to Charles G. Messerschmidt, $177,000.

LINCOLN DR., 461-David J. Simard to Elsie McDonald and Dawn Epsilantis, $280,000.

LOCUST GROVE RD., 7732-Sandra M. Fletcher to Rebecca Henderson and Sandra Rost, $150,000.

MALTRAVERS RD., 1805-William H. Brownlee to Joyce M. Moore, $170,000.

MARGATE DR., 194-George W. Johnson to David W. and Robert V. Gavigan, $325,000.

MARGATE DR., 331-Christopher Brackens to Jason Jankowiak and Sara L. Reiner, $365,000.

MARLEY STATION RD., 114-Gilmer A. Walton to Harold C. Groom and Teresa S. Gillis, $188,000.

MIAMI AVE., 6440-Jesse H. Tanner to Terrapin Capital Corp., $105,000.

MIDLAND RD., 112-Brent A. Lane to Benjamin R. and Glenda Bosley, $235,000.

NORFOLK RD., 7711-Nettie G. Seekford to Stephen T. Podwojski, $110,000.

NORTH MEADOW DR., 14-Mark J. Smith to Kelly R. Fein, $157,500.

OPEL RD., 647-Dennis C. Swick to Wayne Brumwell, $150,000.

PALM TREE CIR., 902-W.F. Keegan to George R. Leiben Jr., $185,000.

PHELPS AVE., 97-Robin M. Roelecke to Janet L. Roelecke, $235,500.

POINT PLEASANT RD., 927-Daniel W. Saxon to Marcello R. and Regina A. Brown, $255,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6703, No. 302-Brian B. Zukowski to Leroy D. and Brenda J. Mell, $169,900.

ROSE ANNE RD., 910-Daniel C. Morsberger to George W. and Jennifer L. Gilde, $160,000.

SOUTH BEND RD., 101-Joseph P. Lightner to James C. Clark, $165,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 206, No. 203-Sherry Detrich to Douglas Burnett Jr., $140,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 205, No. 202-Traci J. Johnson to Julia F. Heyliger, $145,000.

WHITE WATER CT., 6701, No. 201-Paul A. Cremidis to Gershon Hoffer, $129,000.

FIRST AVE., 18-Stanley H. Golden to Lemuel and Robin Fowler, $175,000.

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