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Anne Arundel Home Sales

Hanover Area

TUCKERMAN DR., 7676-Lloyd H. Gleason IV to Kristopher Czachor and Susan Shin, $264,900.

Harwood Area

OWENSVILLE SUDLEY RD., 4501-R.A. Schmuhl to Alexander Schaefer and Stacy J. Pollock, $875,000.

Laurel Area

BROCK BRIDGE RD., 239-Mark Cumpston to Carol Dainett Bowers, $169,000.

FLOATING LEAF LANE, 3555, No. C304-Julie A. Marion to Christopher Lawrence Rotondo, $187,000.

FOREST BRIDGE CT., 415-Gyanand S. Baichulall to Arturo T. Lowe, $354,000.

FROSTWOOD DR., 8313-Robert P. Michel to Kyung Kim II and Chong Chu Pak, $272,500.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3461-Martha Ashman to Joanne P. Powell, $265,000.

MALLARD SHORE DR., 8131-Kenneth E. Lucas to Kristie R. Jones Gordon and Ronnie Gordon, $360,000.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3527, No. H302-Joanne Listrani Powell to Julianne M. Kohler, $217,900.

SHORELINE BLVD., 3015-David S. Kim to Tesfaye and Fedadu Debelie, $430,000.

STEWART CT., 8314-James N. Conrad to Jean E. McAllister, $250,000.

SUDLERSVILLE S., 3323-Richard S. Smallwood to Rafael A. and Claudia M. Echeverria, $255,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 230-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Mildred Joyner, $255,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

CHURCH CIR., 320-Shirley L. Brooks to Ching and Ming Huang, $260,000.

CORONET DR., 14-Ryan P. Coyne to Steven W. and Barbara C. Abshire, $239,900.

HAMPTON RD., 3-Howard R. Ebbert to Cheryl A. Baal, $212,000.

HANCE AVE., 207-Peggy Ann Hare to Virginia L. Moore, $189,900.

NORTH CT., 613-Albert J. Pezzuti to Ronald D. Summersgill and Joyce D. Lindner, $348,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 519-Kevin Gazaway to Kerry A. Cuffley and Bruce N. Weber Jr., $227,000.

Millersville Area

GENERALS HWY., 868-Paschel Fletcher to Keith Pratt and Susan Shepke, $379,500.

NICHOLS CT., 1132-Gregory M. Bell to Jeffrey A. and Michele K. Matton, $735,000.

NORTH PORT RD., 8221-Gary Matthew Johnson to Kevin E. and Robin D. Burwell, $195,000.

NORWOOD DR., 8347-Paul Foster to Gayle Goldsmith, $155,000.

OLD MILL RD., 521-Joseph Duckett to Olivia Lynn Hockett Madden, $200,000.

RED BIRCH RD., 515-William M. Cole to Anita S. Lawson, $545,000.

STONE WHEEL CT. W., 673-Conroy S. Merchant to Valerie N. and Brian D. Stacy, $185,900.

WILLOW RUN CT., 307-Roy Strasser to Bryan K. and Kathleen M. Nelson, $544,900.

Odenton Area

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2452, No. 202-Florence McKeon to Sherry Anderson, $220,000.

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2454, No. 101-Matthew S. Nevit to Kevin P. Henry, $207,900.

ASSEMBLY POINT CT., 311-Robert E. Lockwood to Roxie A. Murphy, $235,000.

BAYONET PL. E., 294-James C. Fettinger to Michael K. and Dona C. Foreman, $390,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2441, No. 201-Michele P. Villano to Victor Savoca, $213,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2444, No. 302-Mark T. Mitcham to Rita P. Miranda, $210,000.

CHERRYWOOD CT., 2720-Anne E. Mann to William B. Shimmel, $200,500.

COLONEL WAY, 2104, No. 69-Josphine Pinkney to Christina Corner, $235,000.

COMMODORE CT., 2100, No. 300-James N. Hayes to Troy A. Roberts, $255,500.

CROSBYSIDE CT., 2004-David D. Herring to Delwin Clarke, $235,000.

FLAG CT., 2250-John M. Stewart to Jessica J. and Steven M. Bekkerus, $265,000.

HARVEST RUN DR., 707, No. 103-Darlene A. Smith to Nicole M. Higdon, $220,000.

MILITIA PL., 122, No. 119-James Banoczi to Gregory A. and Toni L. Hochard, $255,000.

RANSOM CT., 600, No. 18-120-Rosaliana C. Sears to Candace Pyles, $209,900.

REALM CT. W., 613, No. 16-99-Cheryl A. Lawbaugh to Michael Peloquin, $206,000.

REALM CT. W., 650, No. 122-Paul S. Semelsberger to Michele L. Manley, $165,000.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 297, No. 74-Mark D'Antonio to Renita Howze, $194,000.

SAND PINE DR., 2503-Julie A. Lawrence to Doninic A. and Alyson M. D'Apice, $380,000.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2635-James T. Hornsby Jr. to William M. Phillilps, $339,900.

SUMMERTIME DR., 708-Jeffrey L. Benson to John P. Nowlin, $350,000.

SUNBURST CT., 2222-Todd A. Harr to Christiana L. Herrmann, $285,000.

WESTRIDGE CIR., 81-Jeffrey A. Dougherty to Raymond A. Brown and Jason P. Carle, $320,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 687, No. 103-Lori C. Levy to Edward R. Villarreal, $169,000.

YELLOW BIRCH CT., 804-Keith E. Liebermann to Desmond T. and Fitima A. Smith, $385,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPLETREE RD., 7804-Boyd F. Foster Sr. to Perry M. Reifler and Wendy J. Owens, $230,000.

BEACH AVE., 338-Thomas B. Medicus to John E. and Judith L. Hoover, $203,000.

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