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Anne Arundel Home Sales

BRICKWALL LANE, 3564-Calvin W. Gibbs to Jessica Porter, $186,000.

COBSCOOK HARBOUR, 8658-Robert J. Thompson to Matthew Rice and Monica Garner, $198,000.

COLSTON LANE, 662-Larry E. South to Todd R. and Trista E.J. Rassofsky, $370,000.

CROYDON WAY, 8051, No. 2172B-Kellie Parks to Anis M. Wassif, $205,000.

DAVENPORT CT., 3503, No. L-Eric R. Wagonhoffer to Charles W. Mills III, $121,000.

DE FRANCEAUX WAY, 802-Marilyn E. Deady to Jason M. and Amee B. Jones, $206,500.

EAST SHORE RD., 7822-Emerald Homes Inc. to Jerry A. Foster Jr. and Christina F. Leach, $206,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8018-Mark L. Belcher Jr. to Harold B. and Gail E. Vance, $279,000.

FALLON DR., 6-Norman R. Lichtman to Rodney McKenzie, $234,900.

HEAD HARBOUR, 8654-Steven W. Lanning Sr. to Adrienne Anderson, $134,900.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1222-Bruce W. Doyle to Heather S. Baker, $190,000.

KENWOOD RD., 261-Michael Moore to James D. and Nelie P. Hanna, $234,900.

KINGS RD., 1087-Rebecca L. Henderson to Jeffrey G. and Christine E. Foote, $170,500.

LAKE RD., 207-Clyde E. Bennett Jr. to Nicholas and Joann Delandy, $314,900.

LAKE RIVIERA RD., 269-Douglas W. Crane to Wendy E. Stees, $310,000.

LAKE RIVIERA RD., 266-Raymond G. Caputo to Eddie Johnson Jr., $200,000.

LEONARDO CT., 7812, No. 6-Kyle M. Tebbs to Benjamin J. and Trisha Ann Dames, $220,000.

LITTLETON WAY, 3391, No. 3L-Edward K. Hunt to Doreen M. Thompson, $64,000.

LITTON DALE LANE, 116-Rodney B. Dodrill to Christopher C. and Sheri L. Hensley, $518,000.

LONGVIEW AVE., 910-Howard L. Sharp to Daniel J. and Katherine E. Carroll, $280,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 449-Deborah S. Coy to Michael A. and Kimberly A. Shavatt, $272,999.

PEPPERBOX LANE, 7894-James C. Seibert to Irving G. Menzie, $171,500.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 1913-Sandra E. Kramer to Gardner and Gale L. Pomper, $750,000.

QUIET RIDGE CT., 228-Scott McDonald to Michael R. and Lucy E. Bishop, $237,000.

SHOWCASE CT., 8138-John H. Dulay to Scott A. and Lea M. Ford, $639,900.

SPRING RD., 8449-Wayne E. Uebersax to Patrick E. and Melissa F. Martin, $271,900.

STONE DR., 48-Earl C. Hutchens to Paul and Krystal Paolucci, $220,000.

SUMMIT DR., 7806-Gene A. Veillette to Patricia V. Jensen and Ronald W. Tankersley, $325,000.

WHITES COVE RD., 8103-Charles S. Chisholm Jr. to Korey and Kevin T. Shoop, $432,500.

WINDING WOODS WAY, 37-Patricia A. Lehr to Edward A. and Joann K. Kucharski, $308,000.

WOLSEY CT., 8086, No. 141-James D. Hanna to Jacob C. and Glenda F. Lacey, $175,000.

207TH ST., 818-Charles W. Scones to Anne Marie Sadler, $180,000.

228TH ST., 2208-Nai Y. Jiang to Troy P. and Regina M. Mattern, $265,000.

Riva Area

ELM RD., 19-Susan V. Scrimshaw to Conor M. and Jesica R. Porter, $229,900.

Severn Area

BITTERSWEET RD., 1413-Donald D. Jaeckels to Robert A. and Chong Sook Defebbo, $405,000.

AVA RD., 1341-David L. Gresham to Michael and Heather Umstot, $120,000.

CANTER CT., 7836-David Londono to Calvin and Merceil Bowditch, $275,000.

CLARK STATION RD., 8015-McArthur Jennings Sr. to Rexford and Taricia B. Obeng, $290,000.

CROSSBAY DR., 7863-Timothy W. Markowitz to Trent L. and Theresa M. Green, $392,000.

DICUS MILL RD., 1375-Louis Frisino to Edwin Davila, $427,000.

DURNESS CT., 8223-William L. Weber to Tika Gray and Shannon Davenport, $123,000.

FLAGSTONE CT., 1404-Mark D. Ansin to Robert A. and Judy A. Brus, $510,000.

HARVEY AVE., 1425-Ralph L. Scolamiero to Levilsen Limnhoun, $305,000.

LARCH RD., 1417-Randy W. Rushing to Raul and Miriam Viscara Maldonado, $261,000.

MEADOW RD., 803-William J. Sullivan to Julio A. Rivera, $250,000.

OLD DONALDSON AVE., 755-Harrison R. Gaither Sr. to Gwendolyn J. and Warren K. Boone, $345,000.

PIONEER DR., 8549, No. 20-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Kenneth and Carolyn Morton, $87,900.

QUEENSTOWN RD., 543-Erwin E. Hundall to Ferron V. and Donna L. Kess, $154,451.

QUEENSTOWN RD., 585-Andrea D. Redfern to Lino G. and Maria D. Razuri, $250,000.

ROANOKE CT., 8243-Arthur N. Carter Jr. to M.E. Leizear, $157,000.

Severna Park Area

KENNEDY DR., 216-Joan Marie Speaker to John and Sandra Sharp, $245,000.

LAKELAND RD. S., 502-David Shibata to Charles T. MacFarlane and Mary L. Donadoni, $625,000.

SARAHROSE CT., 311-Ron E. Banuk to Lynn and Shobha Whitacre, $706,000.

SEVERNSIDE DR., 405-Robert B. Johnson to Greg Beylickjian, $495,000.

Shady Side Area

CEDARHURST RD., 1416-Harold W. Christian to Ryan and Sarah E. Alber, $305,000.

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