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Howard Home Sales

HAYSHED LANE, 8711-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Matthew C. Lanthorn, $150,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD. NW, 9359-Chioma Max Adigwe to Brian Edwards, $190,000.

JASON LANE, 10548-Michael Fine to Terry L. and Kim M. Kuhn, $276,000.

KILRAIN CT. SE, 6903-Walter H. Decastro to Michael L. and Alison R. Pack, $330,000.

KNIGHTHOOD LANE SW, 6986-Gilles G. Naine to Peter E. and Maria De Lourdes Salazar, $230,000.

LIFE QUEST LANE SW, 7230-Shawn Gannon to Michael J. and Katherine Mae Leone, $327,500.

MACGILL AVE., 10221-Patricia Ann Zuknick to Wayne K. and Mary E. Moore, $430,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6055-Garnet A. Woodham to Carlton F. Mighty Jr. and Tiffany C. Rolling, $135,000.

MALLARD CT. NE, 8907-Andrew J. Schneider to Michael G. Sanders, $239,900.

MELLOW WINE WAY NE, 6440-Patrick Hiban to Guy and Kelli A. Brandt, $515,000.

OSLO CT. W., 5904-Sanford A. Glovinsky to Charles A. and Stacy L. Moore, $507,500.

PATRIOT LANE N., 5222-James Fulton Spitler to Heather D. and Kevin Andre Turner, $245,000.

PHELPS LUCK DR. E., 5701-Kathi L. Reid to Yooni Cho and Chong Kil Yi, $275,000.

POWDER RUN, 11242-Claudia E. Pizaro to Kathryn A. Burford, $194,500.

QUARTERSTAFF RD. W., 10634-Melissa M. Rogall to John F. and Kathleen M. Hill, $665,000.

RAIN FLOWER WAY E., 7569-Stephen Kubiak IV to Paul C. and Margarita R. Cabellon, $244,000.

RARITAN CT., 6309-Lawrence Langberg to Sharon E. McCawley, $280,000.

RED APPLE LANE, 9518-Steven E. Dean to John B. and Mary C. Russell, $420,000.

SEA SHADOW, 9593-Jason D. Rilley to Steven Douglass and Alison Faith Lutz, $275,000.

SEA SHADOW E., 9610-Mark W. Langendorf to Saba Wolde and Zewdu T. Hayelesilassi, $336,000.

SEA SHADOW N., 9523-Phyllis Marin to Michael Caporrino, $282,000.

SEWELLS ORCHARD DR. NW, 6730-Cho Hwy Kweon to Kelly Goddard, $415,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. E., 8348-David J. Nesbitt to Robert A. Grimley Jr., $245,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. S., 8303-Marilee Furman Lagas to Gian Singh Hora and Ajit Pal Singh, $240,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. W., 8325-Colby C. Crawford to Paul Oltchick, $272,000.

STEAMERBELL ROW N., 7244-Andre Raw to Jon Velapoldi and Katharine George, $333,000.

SWANSFIELD RD., 11056-Roderick D. Bush to Brent A. Showalter, $387,000.

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