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Jim Graham

Thursday, January 6, 2005; Page DZ13

Birthplace and date: Wishaw, Scotland, Aug. 26, 1945.

Marital status: Divorced, but in a committed relationship with a partner.

Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) considers persistence and attention to detail to be his most notable personality traits. His favorite book is "anything by George Orwell." (Melissa Cannarozzi For The Washington Post)

College: Georgetown University Law Center; University of Michigan Law School; Michigan State University.

Pets: Three West Highland Terriers: Roger, Dodger and Guapo.

My most notable characteristic or personality trait: Persistence and attention to detail.

I'd love to trade places for a day with: Alexander the Great.

Nobody knows I: Watch "Blind Date."

Favorite quote: "Every penny is a prisoner."

Best movie I've ever seen: "Being There."

Best book I've ever read: Anything by George Orwell.

Favorite TV show of all time: 2003 Property Management Hearings on Channel 13.

Restaurant where my constituents would most likely run into me: Ben's Chili Bowl.

Birthday cake: Carrot.

Car I drive: VW Beetle convertible.

Politician I most admire: Robert F. Kennedy.

Favorite president: Abraham Lincoln.

Most important influence in my life: My mother.

Most interesting place I ever visited: Havana, San Salvador and Addis Ababa.

Pet peeve: Gum cracking and pen clicking.

Impression people have of the District that I would most like to change: That we don't need congressional voting representation.

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