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Fairfax Home Sales

GRANBY CT., 11040-Marianne C. Baker

to Mark W. and Elisa G. Mitchell, $321,000.

GREEN WATCH WAY, 2114, No. 301-Anthony M. Boccanfuso to Kathryn B. Mickle, $265,000.

HARBORSIDE CL., 11308-Tait S. Livingood to Herbert G. MacKay, $575,000.

HERITAGE OAK CT., 11431-Marie Claudette Etter to Min W. Chong and Sophia Lee, $545,000.

HUNTERS SQUARE CT., 2378-Steven J. and Melanie H. Ness to Michael D. Rever, $310,000.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1704, No. 22-Richard J. and Dolores G. Rodgers to Peter E. and Alice J. Connelly, $317,000.

LIMA LANE, 12366-Elizabeth G. Bertoch and Judosn E. Bertoch to Darrell J. and Rosemarie D. Upshaw, $520,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1406, No. 21B-Eric P. Beatty to Helen P. Gharabaghi,


PARKCREST CIR., 1646, No. 300D-John E. and Mary R. Timothy to John S. Cox, $214,000.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1602-Philip E. Robinson to Stefanie Esterheld, $349,900.

STRATFORD PARK PL., 1860, No. 305-Richard J. Jamborsky to Elsa Asfha and Gebretensae Gebretsadkan, $419,000.

WILD CHERRY PL., 2642-Joseph G. and Christine L. Flynn to Joseph and Eliza Beaulac, $615,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6230, No. 102-Maria Zeta Q. Torres to Chi Ping Hsu,


CROSSWOODS DR., 6418-Ronald A. and Rita R. Apter to Michael A. and Victoria H. Blatter, $998,500.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 335-Enrique H. Ramirez to Josephine C. Catilo, $153,500.

Springfield Area

BARK TREE CT., 8295-Christopher J. and Brandy L. Lee to Abdelmoula Kheldoun and Ilham Karrakchou, $280,000.

HANOVER AVE., 5812-Carol L. Shackleford and Coca Anastacio to Coca Anastacio, $367,000.

KITCHENER DR., 8493-Henry P. Trinkes and Patricia K. Sykes to Janis L. Bush, $314,000.

MONTICELLO BLVD., 7318-Kay Braithwaite to Timothy J. and Peggy R. Mabbott, $360,500.

RED HORSE TAVERN LANE, 7124-Gilbert A. and Rebecca L. Nelson to Michael B. and Anne L. Maricich, $605,000.

Vienna Area

AYR HILL AVE. NW, 115-Nicole A. Ogranovitch and Michael Harrison to Judith M. Whiteis, $450,000.

BOBBYBER DR., 2105-Omid Abbarin and Marjan Ghorashi to Tarek M. Abedelaziz and Sherine K. Aly, $540,000.

BRENTRIDGE ST., 1815-Allen J. and

Yukako Y. Seltzer to Hung Bui,


CENTER ST., 715-Stephen C. Ryle and Rhonda Germond to Abdelbagi Bushara and Salih Mustafa M., $410,000.

CYMBAL DR., 9709-Christopher Craig and Lisa Bertola Moffett to Robert W. Ellis, $500,000.

DALE RIDGE CT., 9911-Charles A. and Maryann N. Post to Jamil M. Shawwa and Sutardjo Crisniani M., $661,600.

DAYS FARM DR., 9814-Ali G. and Shahrzad C. Ganjei to William C. and Maria V. Fischer, $795,000.

IDYLWOOD VALLEY PL., 8505-Govindan Nair and Marcella Simon to Beth Sue Wald and James Q. Roberts, $940,000.

MANHATTAN PL., 2768-Sumeet Luthra and Sonaal Kapoor to Rehman Mirza and Faryal A. Wahid, $549,900.

MOUNTINGTON CT., 10315-Robert C. and Clairette B. Clinger to Joan and John Petro, $649,900.

PIERIS CT., 2036-Laurie Sodano to George N. and Helen Kapetanakis and Angela Kapetanakis, $591,000.

WEXFORD DR., 9080-Richard O. and Eileen M. Deshong to Edward Slafsky and Diane Prescott, $799,000.

West Springfield Area

ALLOWAY CT., 6424-Charles R. and Alicia A. Brubeck to Brian P. and Aimee K. Callahan, $500,000.

BURLING WOOD DR., 8613-Shawn A. and Dawn M. Kalis to Jeanine Borgeson and Sean Ferritor, $360,900.

CARDINAL HILL PL., 6304-Cendant

Corp. to Carl E. and Terri A. Workman, $700,000.

HARROWGATE CIR., 7827-Joon Y. and Jin S. Ahn to Qudsia S. Faryar, $254,900.

LINDEN TREE LANE, 7282-Harjit Singh and Gurjeet Kaur to James C. and Mahsa M. Barker, $416,500.

PARK DR., 11323-Robert D. and Jay M. Christenbury to Carl D. Nguyen and Diem Q. Tran, $588,000.

SOLOMON SEAL DR., 7821-Stephen B. and Cynthia M. Collins to Ellen K. Greenwood, $435,000.

WESTOVER CT., 8510, No. 772-Matthew J. and Julie A. Focht to Tanya Cheguer, $300,000.

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